Let’s go the lake.

Posted: September 4, 2017 in Travel
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I’m glad it was sunny this morning for our ride, but now that the fog is moving in, let’s take a walk down to the lake. Everything is so different in the fog.

copyright janet m. webb

This is the First Lake (caps because that’s how it’s known.)  There are three lakes total and all are stocked with trout.  Oh, over there! Did you see that one jump?  It was a big one.  There’s been a mother moose and baby in the lake in the mornings, but if we see them, we’ll stay well away.  The calf might find us interesting, which would make the mother very nervous and a nervous moose can easily become an attacking moose, moving at a speed as fast as that of a running horse.

Let’s sit on that flat rock for a bit.  With the fog, it’s even quieter than usual, the fog dampens sounds, but we can still hear the water sounds.   There are some ducks in the corner and the other day I spotted a red-tailed hawk.  In the early evenings, the horses make their way to the lake, drinking and walking in and around it.

copyright janet m. webb

With all the rain, it’s been a great year for flowers.  In the spring, there are lots of wildflowers, especially purple lupine.  But although it’s August, there are still plenty left.

copyright janet m. webb

Today you can’t even see the cabins.  Look behind us and you’ll see willows, where moose like to eat.  In the mornings, when they come to get the horses, often a group of about six horses hides down there, trying to avoid going to the corral. That’s why one of them has to wear a bell around her neck.

copyright janet m. webb

We could walk all the way around the lake, but we’ve been here for awhile and it’s getting chilly.  Tea sounds pretty good to me or, if you brought coffee, we could make some of that.  There’s also hot chocolate.  We’ll come again on a sunnier day.  Pick some flowers if you like and we can put them on the table at the cabin.

copyright janet m. webb

Linking this week to Jo’s page for her Monday Walks.


  1. JANE says:

    This was a lovely meditative stroll! I long for fog… it’s been so dry and hot this summer… not the usual for us. Foggy lakes are my favorite for a calming paddle trip in my kayak…
    Soon? Rains and foggy fall, I hope!

  2. jesh stg says:

    Your first capture is awesome and would be very unusual in California during the summer. fog holds so much mystery:)

    • Fog can be wonderful, as long as you’re not trying to drive or do something else that requires long line of sight. But for days like this, it adds mystery and interest and mutes all sound.


  3. Tish Farrell says:

    V. atmospheric photos – especially the beached punt. And a soothing stroll. We have mist to match here this morning. Happy week ahead, Janet.

  4. orna2013 says:

    How stunningly gorgeous! Wonderfully atmospheric photos. Really well done! Orna

  5. Good good photos. Lovely work!

  6. Sue says:

    The fog certainly puts a different spin on things….

  7. Allan G. Smorra says:

    The photos have a quiet beauty about them and after reading your post I hear that one bell in the distance when I look at them again.

  8. Dan Antion says:

    This keeps getting better, Janet. I love fog, especially on the water. I can almost hear those muffled sounds. I’ve got my coffee, do I’m gonna hang here for a bit.

  9. Fabulous place to explore

    Talent Hunter

  10. Look so gorgeous.. foggy and those beautiful flowers. Totally loved them 😃

  11. Janet, fog is one of nature’s more fascinating elements. Your images show the mysterious qualities as well as its range of beauty.

  12. Lovely photos to illustrate your post!

  13. Lovely post. Made me smile. Thanks, Janet.

  14. Leya says:

    Oh, these are wonderful shots …the silence and stillness is palpable. I would have loved to

  15. restlessjo says:

    Belated happy Labour Day greetings, Janet! Sorry for my late arrival but we’ve been out walking too. A lovely atmospheric walk, thank you, and I love the fact that the horses hide to avoid captivity. 🙂 🙂

  16. Su Leslie says:

    Thanks Janet; for sharing this beautiful, tranquil place.

  17. thirdeyemom says:

    Looks so lovely and peaceful Janet.

  18. joey says:

    Mmm, I’d like to row out! Peaceful water moments. Lovely, just lovely.

  19. julieallyn says:

    I felt like I was right there with you. Delightful!! Some great photos too. 🙂

  20. That was a lovely visit to First Lake in the fog. Tansy and yarrow, yellow and white but what is the pink flower? is it the ice plant?

  21. de Wets Wild says:

    I’m so glad I could start my day at the lake, thanks Janet!

  22. The next time we do this walk I propose we bring a thermos full of tea, plenty of hand warmers, and our macro lenses to spend some time making images of the wildflowers too.

    What a glorious walk Janet! Thanks for the lovely view and narrative.

  23. What an absolutely beautiful post, Janet – beautiful prose,, lovely thoughts and ravishing photos – such evocative images from the gentle fog, the inviting boat by the water, the exquisite flowers…
    A little gem of a post, thank you…

    • From you I take that as a large compliment, Valerie. Thanks so much. I’m very happy you enjoyed it. I know I love it there, so I’m glad to be able to convey a bit of that.

  24. MMMoskowitz says:

    I am loving this! I read both posts and I really enjoy your writing style. 👍