Friday flowers…saying good-bye

Posted: September 22, 2017 in flowers, Travel
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I know. I said we were going to the Badlands today. But I forgot Friday is for flowers, so here is a shot of wildflowers by the first lake.  It’s been so much fun having you visit the Bighorns with me.  We’ll be leaving early tomorrow morning now that we have the cabin ready for winter: brace poles, dust covers, mouse bait and traps.  A friend will blow the water lines and all those sorts of things after we leave.  Makes it easier for us to just get up, finish loading the van and leave.  We’ll drive to Gillette, then stop for caffeine, either coffee or tea, and a bit of breakfast.  You can take a nap if you need to.

It’s been such fun.

  1. Su Leslie says:

    I’ve so enjoyed this trip with you Janet. I’ll be sad to leave.

  2. restlessjo says:

    Sad to say goodbye. 😦 But you’ll be back! 🙂 🙂

  3. ksbeth says:

    what a great trip –

  4. Dan Antion says:

    That’s a beautiful image to leave us with. Curious about the “brace poles.” I’m guessing they’re for snow, but what are you bracing? Thdnks again for bringing us along, Janet. This has been a fun way to follow your trip.

    • The brace poles go inside the cabin in various spots, Dan. They’re there to support the roof just in case there’s so much snow that the pressure might collapse the roof. Not sure how many other people there put them up, but my parents have been doing it since they got the cabin and it’s always better to be safe than to need a new roof. 🙂 We always put them up the afternoon before I leave, making it interesting to get around, especially if I have to get up during the night!!

  5. Sue says:

    Excellent! Glad you had a good time!

  6. Such gorgeous wildflowers! I wish I was there. Safe journey my friend! Thanks for the tour!

  7. You’ll be shocked when you return to an urban topography.

    • Sally, I’ve been back since late August. I’m just writing this as if we were all there together now. 🙂 Today it’s in the 90’s, so I really wish I were back in the mountains!!


  8. No need to hurry off. As they say, you should always time time to smell the flowers… Just lovely. 🙂