Weekly Photo Challenge: Windows…just chillin’

Posted: September 27, 2017 in Weekly Photo Challenge
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“Look through any window, yeah. What do you see?” is a line from a song by the Hollies. (Yes, I’m dating myself here, but that’s OK.) Michelle is asking us to show a view through a window for this week’s Weekly Photo Challenge, so take a look and see what you see.

Instead of looking out of a window, I looked in through a window in Philadelphia, to find this little man reclining on a rather decadent-looking chaise lounge.

copyright janet m. webb

(I’m not seeing any pingbacks or a comment section. Anyone else having that problem?)


  1. andy1076 says:

    I’d be happy chilling like that too! 😄

  2. joey says:

    It’s nearly poetic to any of us who’ve spent time on the couch. Clearly he’s deep into analysis and feeling small.
    It’s a great photo, Janet!

  3. Janet, you never know what a photo will be used for…
    By the way I can’t find the comment section on WPC today, can you? I want to see other folks pics too.

  4. JT Twissel says:

    I remember that Hollies song too – I actually saw them in concert which really dates me. I hope you’re having a chilling day! In the groovey way, of course.

  5. Sandra says:

    Great take on the challenge, Janet. Good choice.

  6. That is a big chaise lounge for such a little man.

  7. Nova says:

    It looks like that doll is in the middle of a therapy session lol

  8. Allan G. Smorra says:

    Hey, Janet, you are up and running with your pingback. I like your take on this week’s challenge.

  9. Nice choice for this challenge, Janet.

  10. eklastic says:

    It looks as if he is looking at the building reflected in the window (which of course, he isn’t because for him it’s just the bland venetian blinds in back. I think you could construe some deeper meaning here.

  11. I can’t decide whether this is a furniture store or a psychiatrist’s office. Based on this advertising, I feel like it could go either way.

  12. Stephen Rees says:

    There seemed to be a problem with pingbacks earlier today – by the time I got back for a late lunch it had been sorted. (I did tweet them when my pingback failed – and at that time there no responses at all).

    Dunno about comments

  13. I see lots of comments… And here’s one more, lol. I like your flip on the idea and that’s a cute pic, too!

  14. Ruth says:

    I think your windows photo is unique and excellent for the challenge – not sure about lack of pingbacks but will explore.

  15. restlessjo says:

    Definitely in therapy. Or abandoned, which might lead to therapy. 🙂 🙂

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  17. Nice choice for the challenge. All the comments and ping backs seem to be up and running now.