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Posted: October 3, 2017 in Just for fun
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After waking to the news of the shootings in Las Vegas yesterday, listening to coverage to find out what actually happened, and then being disgusted by the immediate advent of the blame game, I thought I’d go with something light and fun today, something I concocted on Pixlr.  I hope it brings a smile to your face and a bit of joy to your heart.

  1. Su Leslie says:

    This is lovely Janet: and very welcome on such a day.

  2. We all need a digression these days… Thanks for this lovely one.

  3. Sue says:

    Ah, lovely and fun indeed

  4. macmsue says:

    A delightful creation.

  5. Hammad Rais says:

    This is cute, Janet 🙂

  6. Dan Antion says:

    I like this. It’s nice to see something sweet.

  7. Yes, a very nice diversion and yes, I agree with your statement of “then being disgusted by the immediate advent of the blame game…” I just don’t get what is going on with so many people’s off-the-wall responses.

    But after looking at your lovely pic and “having a smile come to my face and a bit of joy” I suspect that the Russians have put you up to it, wanting you lull us intro a false sense of security, I also blame you for being influenced by North Korean politics and Kim Jong-un by posting this blatantly Asiatic style pic and mocking their culture thereby creating a hostile environment leading up to a potential war and all because of you.

    Perhaps you should take a moment to examine your motives to want to portray yourself as being sweet as some political party influencing you to undermine what is important about this country which is: that violence comes naturally to us, whether verbal or physical. You are undermining our core values and you are un-American. You probably even like Disney movies.

    Have a nice day! Since you’ve undermined ours with your trickery.

    Randy the Rant
    Trolling 101 website

    • Ah, Randy, thanks for giving me a good laugh to start my day. I’ll have to share this with Bill when he gets up. (He listens to the Disney channel on the radio. Does that count?)

      Happy Tuesday!


  8. Yesterday was one of those days in our history that we will always remember. We saw the worst and the best of humanity.

  9. Sweet and soothing and spring-like, well done. Thanks, we all need a bit of nature’s powerful healing.

  10. That’s pretty. I thought it would make a lovely textile too.

  11. belocchio says:

    I was heart-sick watching the news of Las Vegas. It is a world gone wrong. Thank you Janet for your joyous spirit. My thoughts are with you. Virginia

    • I think the best we can do, Virginia, is to mourn while planning how best to go on and to try, in our own lives, to makes the best of life we can, both for ourselves and for others.

  12. Allan G. Smorra says:


  13. happyface313 says:

    🙂 Dear Janet,
    the news were horrible, I couldn’t believe what I saw and heard on the news.
    What’s wrong with this world?
    Your picture is great and really makes me smile.
    Have a wonderful week
    Claudia 🙂

  14. thirdeyemom says:

    Thanks Janet. I needed this pick me up. 😌

  15. Beautiful and joyful picture, Janet. One that puts a smile on my face.

  16. pommepal says:

    My artistic right brain adores this, the colours the happy feeling. My left brain wants to know how you did it…..