Thursday Doors…Gimme some lovin’!

Posted: October 19, 2017 in Thursday doors
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Phila-door-phia is a place where you can find doors ranging from très elegant to down-on-their-luck and everything in between.  No matter your taste, you’ll find doors that are tasty.  The theme song for my doors this week  might be the 1966 Spencer Davis Group’s Hit, “Gimme Some Lovin’.”  They definitely lean toward the down-on-their-luck side.

If you want to drop into More-door (where the shadows are), hobbit on over to Norm’s, where every door gets good lovin’.

© janet m. webb

© janet m. webb

© janet m. webb



  1. fitwoutdoors says:

    I adore interesting doors. Even if you decide to use them in an uncomventional way, like for a headboard.

  2. Joanne Sisco says:

    These poor abused doors! #1219 doesn’t look too badly, but it seems very narrow. I’m wondering if I’d have to enter sideways 😏

  3. Interesting doors with a lot of character and I’m assuming history as well. 🙂

    • Philly is so old that I’m sure many of the doors and homes have a history, but we won’t know what it is, not the way we might about older buildings. But it certainly makes finding doors easy and enjoyable.


  4. joey says:

    Oh, these are the kinds of doors I just LOVE 🙂 Great choices!

  5. Norm 2.0 says:

    Gotta love old lived-in doors that have that much character. That second one is gorgeous 🙂

  6. Amazing textures. That’s a great set of doors.

  7. These are well worn in! I’d love to hear the stories each could tell. 🙂

  8. jesh stg says:

    That second door would look beautiful with a few coats of paint!

  9. Leya says:

    Some stories there.

  10. marianallen says:

    Those doors are certainly … erm … picturesque. 😀

  11. prior.. says:

    I like your need some lovin’ doors for this week – especially the second one – it has such interesting hues- like a hint of blue (or was it just my screen?) and so much personality.

  12. Dan Antion says:

    I’m late to the party, but I really like those weathered old doors. I think they have served well, for many years.

  13. JANE says:

    Fun post, Janet. Yes, I recall Philly doors. I grew up in a suburb of Philadelphia…. used to love trips into the city. The condition of doors could indicate what part of town you were in…

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