B&W Day 5…Living on the edge

Posted: November 14, 2017 in black and white, Travel
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One of the pleasures of visiting my parents in Arizona is not only the opportunity to be warm in winter, but to sometimes dip into another culture.  Montezuma Castle, not far from Sedona, looks great for being over 800 years old.  The Sinagua who lived here used a combination of hunting/gathering and subsistence agriculture to live until sometime in the 15th century, they left for no apparent reason.

Originally, visitors were allowed to go through the cliff dwellings, but that eventually stopped to better preserve the site.  That move allowed the site to be one of the best preserved cliff dwellings in the United States.  Visit if you get a chance.

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  1. I would like to go there to explore!

  2. Leya says:

    I would go if I could!

  3. Dan Antion says:

    I would like to see that. I don’t know if I’ll get there, but…

  4. JayyTee18 says:

    Always wanted to travel. This place is definitely on the list

  5. I love how the buildings reflect the concave shape of the cave/cliff. Great pic in b&w!

  6. Allan G. Smorra says:

    Interesting structures built into the open cliffs. We don’t usually see the use of straight lines and surfaces in places this old.

  7. Very cool! I wish I had discovered this was close to Sedona when I was researching what to do while there. I’ll have to go back! 🙂

  8. bagheeracr says:

    I️ had no idea you lived sort of close to me.
    I️ live near Mesa Verde.

  9. pommepal says:

    What an interesting place

  10. […] via B&W Day 5…Living on the edge — This, that and the other thing […]

  11. Kelly MacKay says:

    That is awesome. I got to get there

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