Weekly Photo Challenge: Weathered…in the Vosges

Posted: January 10, 2018 in Weekly Photo Challenge
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At a time when weather in the northern US has been a hot topic (or a cold topic), “Weathered” is an apt theme for the Photo Challenge.  In the annoying tradition of making a word a part of speech it wasn’t meant to be, those of us in that part of the country have been getting (winter) weathered like crazy.

But my example comes from a summer day in the Vosges Forest of France, a place where you don’t expect to come across a chair of any sort while following a trail.  This chair obviously had weathered more than a few nights in the forest and come out the worse for wear, something with which we who’ve experienced many days and night of sub-zero Fahrenheit temperatures might identify!

© janet m. webb

  1. Sandra says:

    I was fully expecting to see a ‘distressed’ door, Janet, from your French collection. A unique take on the prompt.

  2. Oh, poor old chair! I’m guessing you didn’t rescue and take it home to be restored to its original glory. 😀

  3. de Wets Wild says:

    While yours is a lovely photo for the challenge, Janet, I hope that whoever besmirched this beautiful forest by discarding their chair there gets a terrible pain in their behind right NOW!

  4. ecopoet says:

    , I wonder “what were the better days” it has seen

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  6. I wonder how it got there! Sending warmth from Thailand

    • I wonder the same thing. There were several other chairs there in similar shape. If it were in the US, I would think some young kids were sitting there drinking, but here, who knows? I do know that whoever brought them in should have taken them out!!


  7. I wonder why the chair landed there… where is the chairman who used it once? we visited the vosges once to show our huskies real snow… it was a fail… one refused to leave the car, the other one had a short pee break and jumped back in the car… snow much fun (not) lol

  8. Su Leslie says:

    Even more weathered than my contribution to this challenge 🙂

  9. restlessjo says:

    Poor unloved soul. 😦 😦

  10. pommepal says:

    I wonder who and why it was dumped and how long it had been there. It looks very old and definitely weathered

  11. thirdeyemom says:

    Lovely Janet! We are getting snow now and an arctic blast again. Brrr

  12. Ruth says:

    Oh your chair is more weathered than my example Janet. So intriguing. A real writing prompt.

  13. prior.. says:

    great photo for weathered – and this one makes me wonder of the history of this chair….

    • I can’t imagine dragging out here and then just leaving it. Perhaps this was a spot a few people went to what…drink, get bitten by mosquitoes, ??? At any rate, they should have taken the chairs out with them when they left, even though I would have missed this shot. 🙂


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