More than enough

Posted: February 27, 2018 in Nature, Writing
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Today spring knocks on my door.  The sun shines, the wind, instead of throwing winter in my face, whispers, “Soon.  Soon.”  Getting out of the car, I shed one sweatshirt, then put my jacket back on, still warm enough.  Gloves go into pockets a few minutes later. 

 The river still overflows its banks after rain on top of snow some days earlier, a log jam of nature’s detritus pushing against the dam.  Water jets out the other side where today no heron fishes, but sunshine sparkles on the rushing water.

 A squirrel sits frozen next to the path, not moving until I do, then scampering further along the mat of brown fall leaves.  Although the prevailing color is still brown, a closer look reveals slender shoots of green and in some places, blatant leaves of some unknown but hardy plant.  In my lawn perhaps it would be a weed, but here a welcome sign of spring.  Red-winged blackbirds make their presence loudly known, although in fewer numbers than in another month or two. 

Next to the damp path, mud and water discourage off-trail wandering.  When I reach the open part of the trail, I think how good it will be once the trees leaf, blocking the houses on the park perimeter so I feel even less part of the city.  I realize again how this time alone, away from people and city trappings, is a vital part of my inner peace, nature stopping me from even acknowledging the unceasing sounds of traffic.  I spread my arms with uncontainable joy, turning in a circle near where the tracks of deer crossed the path, the softer surface exposing the paths the summer trail hides.  I know winter might come again, but there is the beating promise, under the skin of the earth, of spring, of growth, of re-birth,  and that, for today, is more than enough.

  1. Dan Antion says:

    I’m sure winter will return, but I doubt it will stay very long. We are close.

  2. I feel your enthusiasm.

  3. Allan G. Smorra says:

    Who needs a camera? You gave us a wonderful picture of your morning with nary a pixel harmed. Thanks, Janet.

  4. I can feel the excitement of fresh starts, renewal, and new opportunities in your writing. Spring really is so inspiring! This is a lovely tribute to one of the best times of year.

  5. JT Twissel says:

    Lovely! I always find solace in nature.

  6. Very poetic! It’s cold and was raining here. But things are blooming.

    • We had cold and snow, then rain and a huge mess but warm, then some sun, and today, back to rain later according to the forecast. Nothing’s blooming, but as you’ll see in today’s post, sprouting is occurring. 🙂


  7. pommepal says:

    So good to have a space away from the madding crowds

  8. marianallen says:

    We have snowdrops and crocuses in bloom. At mom’s, just next door, her daffodils and hyacinths are blooming. I’m ready, although I must admit I enjoy a bit of winter to sweeten the spring. 🙂

  9. joey says:

    Lovely writing. I share your sentiments.

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