If we’d been at the cabin a week earlier, there might have been no riding and not much outdoor activity, as it was rainy with low-hanging fog. Fortunately, the week our older daughter, her fiancé, and his parents were there, the weather was excellent.  The next week when I was at the “phone booth” (a high ridge where I can get phone reception), I took this photo of some of the many wildflowers flourishing in the wet spring.

  1. Beautiful! Glad you were able to get there when the weather was good.

  2. Tish Farrell says:

    Lovely cranesbill, Janet. And is that snow on the distant mountains. Good to have you back.

    • Yes, Tish, that’s snow. We’ve been there in August for so many years (although there’s often just a bit of snow left then), that I, too, was amazed at all the snow. But then one morning when I got up it was 39 F, so any rain that night was probably snow up at 13,000′! 🙂

  3. ksbeth says:

    glad that your timing worked out. beautiful –

  4. pommepal says:

    Looks like beautiful wilderness country

  5. Dan Antion says:

    So pretty! Enjoy the good weather.

  6. Thank you for the chuckle regarding the phone booth. 🙂

    • One of the joys of being there is no phone calls and the internet (a fairly recent addition) is quite slow. I have to walk around on the front porch to get a signal and rarely can get one inside the cabin, as it “bounces” off another cabin across the way. That’s OK, too. The “phone booth” isn’t far by van and has spectacular views as you can see. No phone books, though. 🙂


  7. HA HA Totally understand the “phone booth”. Being out of touch has so many benefits
    Gorgeous picture – made my day

    • I’m happy you enjoyed the photo so much. 🙂 Being out of touch is quite lovely, although I was just mostly out-of-touch. There’s internet, albeit very slow. Sometimes when I’m riding I get a signal at some high spot, which is always amusing.


  8. Oh it’s so pretty! It’s good to know you made it there and back again safely. Looking forward to the tales, and images from your time at the cabin.

    I’m off early tomorrow for the Wild Mustangs again. Going on my own with a couple of friends. I hope there’s still water in the meadow and they’re still there. It’s been quite hot here, and there. Fingers crossed!

  9. scr4pl80 says:

    Love this picture as I so rarely see views like that. We are heading off to Oregon next week and I am hoping to get a chance to do some exploring. The color of the flowers is beautiful. I saw that you said you were in Chicago. If you get a chance and it is close enough, visit the Mobile Library of the Sketchbook Project when it comes by and check out the book I have in it. August 3 – 5 it will be at the Hyde Park Arts Center. 🙂

  10. restlessjo says:

    Looks beautiful 🙂 🙂 It’s lovely to get away from it all sometimes.

  11. Su Leslie says:

    Beautiful. What a glorious view.

  12. thirdeyemom says:

    Lovely Janet! My garden is going wild this summer with all the sun and heat.

  13. Beautiful write-up!

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