Thursday doors…Wyoming #2

Posted: July 26, 2018 in Thursday doors
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As I mentioned last week, I didn’t get many doors while in Sheridan, but here’s another one I like, part of that lovely building I highlighted last Thursday.  Shoot!  I forgot Norm was taking off this week.  But the post’s already out there, so I’ll stick with it.

© janet m. webb

© janet m. webb

The gateway you see here is the gateway to where the cabins are.   Finally, everywhere you look, you can see the best of all doors…the out-doors!

© janet m. webb

for Thursday Doors

  1. Nice doors and a great view of the mountains.

  2. Dan Antion says:

    I like those doors, Janet, especially the top set. Although, it’s tough to look away from that view.

  3. Lignum Draco says:

    The “great” out-doors.That 1st door has a really lovely quality to it. Very “homely”.

  4. ksbeth says:

    i love the character of the double doors. so much history in them –

  5. I love the view from the out-doors. What a gorgeous place to spend some time.

  6. marianallen says:

    “the best of all doors…the out-doors!” Oh, well done! 😀

  7. Great doors, and I do love the out-doors best in today’s post. The view is lovely!

    • My very favorite sort of doors, Deborah. 🙂 I’m thrilled that it’s cool enough today to have the windows open all day and the AC not on. Not that I’m not thankful for AC when it’s so hot a/o humid, but I much prefer the A without the C.


  8. anne leueen says:

    Nice doors leading indoors and leading outdoors!

  9. dennyho says:

    Although scraped and peeling, I do love that yellow door. Why is old so appealing?

  10. prior.. says:

    LOVE the connection to the outdoors –
    and so fitting while Norm is OUT so I am glad you kept the post up! ha
    and the first door picture is one that had me gazing a while.
    Seemed familiar – maybe from an old country/western movie.
    and also wondered about the history. the old mail slots – the newer key pad – the other small details – the coats of paint – hmmmm

    • Outdoors are my favorite doors. 🙂 I think I’ll probably pass on doors this Thursday and then get back in next week. I really enjoy this challenge, although almost all my doors come from trips to Philly and France. The ones around us are either more prosaic or very fancy.


  11. pattimoed says:

    What an expressive door. I love imagining the stories of this place.

  12. My favorite is the first door, lots of character. The stories it could tell if it could talk, I’m sure!

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