Yesterday morning I took a walk in the park and found spring.   There were definite signs of spring, mostly green. New grass poked through the detritus of winter.  On a dead tree, green moss flourished.  Even the cool air felt like the cool of spring promising warmth to come, rather than the relative warmth of winter with the underlying cold edge to it that says, “Not yet.”  Somehow the same temperature in spring feels different from that of winter.

Not all the new growth is green.  Some of the branches of this bush/tree were fodder for the deer, but many were still budding.

© janet m. webb

Although I saw no deer or coyotes, I did spot an usual visitor, apparently abandoned by his companions.  I set him on a perch so that if they came back, they might find him.  He appears to have had enough of winter, too.  Welcome spring!  We’re glad to have you back.

© janet m. webb

  1. Prior... says:

    thanks for the smile with the walk and the winter-worn puppet – (and welcome spring)

  2. Dan Antion says:

    It’s so good to find the signs of spring popping up. A little sad about the puppet.

  3. I think he looks quite sad to have been left behind. I’m sure someone will give him a good home. At least he’s warmly dressed. 😍

  4. joey says:

    Great share! I do think the quality of the air begins to shift as soon as things begin to green and bud and it’s most pleasant. Even when, as here today, the snow fell hard and fast. It may look like winter, but it doesn’t feel like winter, or smell like winter.

  5. Very much enjoyed the walk and so nice of you to set the lost companion up higher for better visibility 🙂

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