Monday walk…in the Franche-Comté

Posted: April 1, 2019 in Monday walk
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We’ve taken a number of Monday walks in the towns of the Franche-Comté, but much of my time is spent in the country, either walking or driving through it, so I invite you to come with me today to the country.

Most mornings we take the dogs out for a walk, but we have to be careful, as September is hunting season.  We head out early, careful to only go where there are no parked vehicles.  If we hear dogs baying, we head back or away from the sound.

This morning it’s foggy.

© janet m. webb

We walk through the forest to a secret place where my s-i-l has discovered a trove of holly.  She’ll come back to gather some for Christmas.  The red berries are bright and cheerful in the grey morning.

© janet m. webb

We come out on the road, walking to a harvested field.  There’s been a drought and although we make it through my visit without an issue, there is some water rationing after I leave.  Fields that should have a second crop well underway have only plants a few inches high.  This stubble, however, is left from the harvest.

© janet m. webb

Along the side of the road are chamomile plants.

© janet m. webb

Despite the lack of rain, dew still is visible on plants and spider webs.  Each day we hope that we’ll have to alter our plans because it’s raining.  Unfortunately, it rarely happens and when it does rain, it’s not for long.

© janet m. webb

© janet m. webb

After a good walk, we stop at the local bakery.  Their almond croissants are good enough to tempt me away from my favorite, pain au chocolat, but you’re welcome to get whatever you like.  At home, with a cup of tea, we relax before planning the rest of the day.

© janet m. webb

for Jo’s Monday Walk



  1. Su Leslie says:

    Almond croissant for me thanks. Lovely walk Janet.

  2. A beautiful walk! Glad you didn’t run into des chasseurs!

  3. slfinnell says:

    Nature walks never get old!

  4. Dan Antion says:

    I love that first image of the fog in the woods (and the last one of that croissant, but…)

  5. The solitude brings such calm and the croissant is a singular culinary joy. Well done.

  6. scr4pl80 says:

    Lovely walk. I’m eating Keto right now and that croissant is making me drool 🙂

  7. restlessjo says:

    Ooh, I think I could persuade myself to one of those croissant! I love almonds 🙂 🙂 Weather can be a trial, can’t it? There’s a serious need for rain here, but I have one eye very anxiously on the weather as my son’s family are desperate for a lazy time at the beach. We had one fabulous storm this morning, which lasted all of 10 minutes!
    Thanks for the walk, hon. I’ll put both in, a week on Monday. 🙂

  8. Your first and last photos stick in my mind, Janet. I love that view of a foggy forest and the croissant, well, why not?

  9. Lignum Draco says:

    A lovely walk despite the drought. A shame the walk can potentially be ruined by hunters.

    Almond croissant or pistachio escargot for me over pain du chocolat, but regardless, a good patisserie makes me happy. 🙂

    • We managed to get good walks in most mornings, just had to be a bit careful. Hunting season lasts for months as well!

      I love pain au chocolat, but this bakery made better almond croissants. Like you, I’m not to picky. 🙂


  10. A beautiful walk and pastries – now that’s a good day. 🙂

  11. Leya says:

    Sounds just lovely, Janet – and tasty

  12. Thanks for a lovely walk. I have been feeling like I need to go somewhere, do something else or else I would explode. The walk was lovely. And helped ground me. Many Thanks!

  13. joey says:

    Oh my! I do so enjoy these petites vacances on your blog!

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