Today’s breaking news: pilotless biplane spotted!

Posted: May 25, 2019 in Six-Word Saturday
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© janet m. webb

for Six Word Saturday

  1. Debbie Smyth says:

    Well captured, Janet. What wonderful wings.
    Have a great weekend!

  2. joey says:


  3. Amy says:

    Great capture, Janet! A perfect landing. I haven’t had a luck capturing dragonfly in photo.

    • He decided to spend some time in our yard on some cut brush, so I had time to get my camera and get some photos. Most of the time they move so quickly that it’s hard to get a good shot.

  4. Forestwood says:

    Fantastic shot, Janet!

  5. marianallen says:

    Clickbait title is clickbait! lol! Great picture!

  6. happyface313 says:

    🙂 This is beautiful, dear Janet!
    A very HAPPY weekend to you!
    Claudia 🙂

  7. Dan Antion says:

    Great job – title and photo!

  8. anne leueen says:

    WOW! What a capture!

  9. Of all the blogs I read, I do believe you not only take some of the best photographs but without a doubt are able to come up with the very best titles. A++ for the title. 🙂

  10. Excellent find and image!

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