Who’s responsible?

Posted: May 28, 2019 in Quotes
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It’s tempting to let someone else be responsible for you.
Be the resistance!!
Be responsible for yourself whenever possible!

© janet m. webb

  1. So true – used to be taught to every child from tiny to adult. Be a grownup and take control of your destiny. No one looks out as good for you as you will yourself

    • Very true. The government was never meant to do all the things it has ended up doing and it can’t do them all very well or at a reasonable cost.It’s a dangerous path when you start expecting someone else to take care of you and come in the case of the government, all the money comes out of our pockets anyway. It’s not as if it’s free.

  2. You said it quite well. I could stroke out a few more sentences, but I’d probably just annoy myself. 🙂