Wordless Wednesday…green eggs and ham, anyone?

Posted: January 15, 2020 in Wordless Wednesday
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  1. There’s an adventurous fellow to meet! Wouldn’t it be fun to meet him and Dr. Seuss?

  2. Su Leslie says:

    I love Dr Seuss, and Green Eggs and Ham is a favourite. How cool to have these outside libraries.

    • Dr S. is great and I loved reading his books to the girls. But I love them myself and the ones I have are in one of the “move” boxes of books. And I still have too many even with the enormous amount of cutting I’ve done. Sigh.

      • Su Leslie says:

        I get that. About half of our Dr Seuss collection was originally the Big T’s. Those books are part of our history, and I couldn’t bear to part with them.
        Actually I feel that way about way too many books. Maybe that’s why we haven’t moved house in almost 20 years.

      • I just packed up (or set aside for moving out) one tall bookshelf in the bedroom. I have about 7 boxes of books, not including what I’m getting rid of. And that’s just a small part of the whole. I’ve moved a LOT on already and am still working on downsizing them. It’s SO difficult!!

  3. Fabulous! It’s really a perfect depiction of the character, like he sprung right off the pages of the book. This brings back such happy childhood memories. My parents always read Dr Seuss to me when I was young. 🙂

  4. Always nice to start the day with a smile.

  5. Janet, you surely raise the positive vibrations wherever you go! Of course this gave me a smile, and it would be so great to have something like this to remind us to ‘lighten up’ – and where we can enjoy it daily!

  6. Gray eggs and ham? ugh.