Through the van window

Posted: March 7, 2020 in Travel, Uncategorized
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I didn’t stop much any of the three days, but on the last day, in Arizona, I did take a few shots out of the window. These shots give point-and-shoot a whole new meaning and quite a few get deleted. But here are a few I thought you might enjoy. Yes, I keep my eyes firmly on the road throughout!

By the way, I signed the lease for our rental house Thursday and it’s a beauty. I’m so excited. More on that when I get back and have internet all the time. Yesterday’s post was done on my phone, which is an experience I’d rather not have often. Today’s comes from the library via my iPad, easier but not the ease of a laptop.

This one might have still been in New Mexico.

There are some strange critters in the desert! Spotted these while waiting at a train crossing.

Saguaros. Trees of the desert.

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  2. The dinosaurs definitely stand out in the land of cactus

  3. Ally Bean says:

    Dinosaurs and cactus. Not two things that I usually think of together. Still, memorable.

  4. de Wets Wild says:

    Thank goodness those dangerous dinosaurs were safely fenced in!

  5. JANE says:

    Congrats on finding your home in AZ. Best wishes.

  6. Prior... says:

    ah, I love the photos – esp the last two
    and side note – I hate posting from my phone but might need to move into that mode at some point –
    wishing you a nice week ahead

  7. Resa says:

    Nice shots. Although I was hoping you’ got one of Van Morrison! 😉

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