Porter de jeudi aka Thursday doors

Posted: March 19, 2020 in Thursday doors
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As you can no doubt tell from the title, these three doors come from France, at a former monastery now artists’ colony. Of course at Thursday Doors, we consider the doors art as well.

In this time of social distancing/isolation/quarantining , the internet provides us with the opportunity of social interaction without fear of sickness. Today even more than ever, this is a true blessing.

I’ve also seen children out playing in their yards, shooting baskets in the drive way, or walking with their parents. I’ve seen couples walking hand in hand. I’ve not seen phones. This too is a small series of blessings in a time when we would do well to remember the good.

For Thursday Doors

  1. Sue says:

    Great set of doors, Janet, and I’m with you regarding “internet …social interaction without fear of sickness. Today even more than ever, this is a true blessing” Take care, stay safe, stay connected!

  2. Dan Antion says:

    I would love the opportunity to clear and repair that center door. I think it must have been beautiful in its day.

    I see the kids at the end of our street playing out side. It brings a little cheer to my day.

    Take care, Janet.

    • That is a good one, Dan, although I had to check which one eventually ended up in the middle. 🙂

      This is our second day of rain, so not likely that many will be outside today, but there’s plenty to do inside as well. I like that so many things for children to do/watch online are being offered for free.

  3. Forestwood says:

    Yes, Janet – if any postive can be drawn from this, it could be it. Some folks don’t want to read or hear the news, so phones get put down for a while. There is a lesson in anything if we want to find it. I hear you are moving? Are you going far? I moved last year so can empathize with the packing.

    • We’re moving from Chicago to Phoenix, so quite a distance both physically and in other ways. 🙂 Yes, packing…and then there will be the unpacking and trying to find new places for everything. The fun never ends. 🙂

      • Forestwood says:

        For three weeks, it was full on! Packing. The way we got through it was downing tools at 5pm and having a happy hour of sorts – just my husband and me, but it was a great way to relax for a short while, otherwise we would forget to eat and drink and exhaustion sets in then. Good luck with the move. After a month, things settled for us, although the last box from storage, was only unpacked recently. We moved in November!

      • Yes, we/I stop at about 5 and relax for the rest of the evening. Otherwise I’d go completely crazy, I think.

  4. Ally Bean says:

    That door in the middle is like no other I’ve ever seen. Way cool.

  5. Norm 2.0 says:

    Three beauties this week Janet. The second one is most unique but the wonderfully serene scene of that first shot is the one that speaks to me most today. We could all use a bit more serenity like that right about now 😉
    Keeping my fingers crossed for a smooth, uneventful move for you.

    • Thanks, Norm. You hit on why I like the first shot so much. Sometimes the surroundings enhance even more than just the door itself (or whatever the center focus of the photo is).

  6. I really like the last door. I hope to get a walk in up to the mailbox when it warms up, but if it starts snowing again I won’t be walking anywhere but around the house today.

    • I’m walking up and down stairs either to the basement or back up or to the second floor and back down. LOL. Plenty of weightlifting with lifting boxes and packing.

  7. DrJunieper says:

    Love your first scene – so painterly! On St Paddy’s day I was in Sacramento, and it looked like ghost town, so I keep it to the small store up the road for now, where people are acting normal:)

    • Things are much quieter here, too, Jesh, although I’ve really only been out to drop things off at Goodwill and the library (the latter being closed.) I don’t understand hoarding TP or bottled water (or really anything else) because there’s plenty of everything if no one hoards. The things that are legitimate worries are prescription and OTC meds, many of which come from China, If nothing else, this crisis starkly illustrates why we should make things here and be willing to pay a bit more to do so!

  8. TCast says:

    Oh, these are wonderful photos.

  9. Su Leslie says:

    I believe that some good will come of this too Janet. Good to read in the comments that your packing is going well. Hope the move can go smoothly too.

  10. belocchio says:

    Dear Janet, I so enjoyed The Thursday doors. I love the worn and aged appearance. I think of the people who have passed through those doors. I wonder about their stories. Take care dear friend. Put a light in the window for our world. Big hugs, Virginia

    • Oh, Virginia, big, big hugs back at you and yours! I’m trying to bring a positive spin on life right now even more than usual, as it’s so needed. I’m happy you enjoyed the doors!!

  11. Love the last doors. I haven’t seen a human being outside so I’m glad you are. Strange times, stay safe during the move.

  12. de Wets Wild says:

    In a time when we are expected to stay behind closed doors as much as possible seeing these doors from outside will bring joy to many, Janet!

  13. Sherry Felix says:

    Wonderful set of doors.

  14. joey says:

    Manifique! I love doors within doors! Love them all, but that last one is tops!