Friday’s funky flora, foliage, and flowers

Posted: April 17, 2020 in flowers, Nature
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This is a type of yucca, but I never realized they got so big! To me it looks exactly like something Dr. Seuss would have invented. In fact, I think that I saw it on Mulberry Street!

  1. de Wets Wild says:

    Yip, defnitely something out of the mind of the great Dr!

  2. ALXANDER says:


  3. macmsue says:

    Astonishing the things you come across on Mulberry Street.

  4. Joanne Sisco says:

    I love the way the universe works sometimes! … to see a photo this morning identifying the very tree I ran across yesterday – wondering if it was for real or made up in an illustration. Trees have become my new obsession to paint and this one is marvellous 🙂

    Thank you so much for proving it’s real and putting a name to the picture.

  5. I think he may have seen it there for sure! I think they only bloom once a year so you saw it at the right time. We had one or a variety of one in our old neighborhood one street over. I always tried to get over there for my walks when it was due to bloom. They are neat.

    • I’ve been to my parents’ neighborhood many times, but never seen this blooming. It’s quite something because of its size, even more impressive than a “regular” yucca, which I also like.

  6. Ally Bean says:

    Yes, yes, Dr. Suess. That was my first thought.

  7. What an amazing plant this is. 😃

  8. JT Twissel says:

    I remember walking around the desert at dusk and thinking those yuccas were giant men. Well, just for a second.

  9. Dan Antion says:

    That’s amazing, Janet. I’ve never seen anything like that.

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