Since not everyone can go out, let’s use the Beach Boys’ “In My Room” as inspiration for today’s walk. Afterwards I’ll make some tea and we can sit on the patio, although it might be quite warm.

Let’s walk into the bedroom, take a closer look, and hear some stories. Stories are especially good these days, don’t you think?

These perfume bottles aren’t filled with perfume, but with special memories. The two in front and the one in the back left with the white top are from a visit to Vicenza, Italy many years ago with my s-i-l. It was the first time I’d ever had pizza made in a wood-burning oven. The blue one is from a shop in Little Italy in Cleveland, Ohio. I don’t recall where I got the one with the gold stripes but my husband bought me the Chanel No. 5 (yes, that one has perfume in it) for Christmas a few years ago, and the one with the silver top has Origin perfume. Our younger daughter gave me the Polish box in the back for another Christmas. Good memories all!

Knowing how much I like tea, you can understand why I like this basket. It’s waiting to be filled again.

I bought this sculpture years ago, before I’d even met my husband, on a trip to Arizona to visit my parents. I’ve loved Arabian horses for many years, so this immediately attracted my eye and convinced me to part with some of my hard-earned money. I actually found the beautiful wooden box at one of the art tent shows in Scottsdale, Arizona but relatively recently. Ironic that we now live in Arizona.

The mushroom? When I visit France, my sister-in-law and I walk often with the dogs in the forest. If it’s been a wet year, there are always lots of mushrooms. The last two years we’ve seen many of these beauties, Fly Agaric (Amanita muscaria). They’re eye-catching. But don’t pick them! As with snakes and frogs, bright, beautiful colors in mushrooms usually serve as a warning. Fly Agaric is one of the ten most poisonous mushrooms in the world. So my s-i-l bought this wooden mushroom for me at the cherry festival in Fougerolles as a joke. Makes me smile whenever I see it.

Finally, the dresser is Amish-made and has a matching armoire, difficult to move but lovely to have.

Now what sort of tea would you like? I have black, oolong, green, yellow, white, pu-erh, rooibos, decaffeinated, and herbal. I might be able to come up with some dark chocolate as well.

for Jo’s Monday Walk

  1. Sue says:

    I like your approach to the walk theme!

  2. beth says:

    beautiful things

  3. Lovely memories. I have my morning coffee in hand so will just step on over. 🙂

  4. Amy says:

    Beautiful. Thank you, Janet for sharing your special collections with us.

  5. That was a great walk Janet!

  6. restlessjo says:

    It’s fascinating the things that people keep and treasure, Janet. Those perfume bottles must have been very carefully wrapped to travel with you, and I can see why you would hold them dear. 🙂 🙂 I assumed when I saw your title and you began that you were linking to Amy’s At home for the Lens Artists. It would fit well. Meanwhile, thanks for the lovely stories, and have a great week!

    • They were well-wrapped and put in small, hard-sided boxes so that they made it safely. They’ve made it through two moves now, so that’s good. I did an “At Home” post this weekend, but decided it would be a fun walk them as well.

  7. lolaWi says:

    beautiful collections, Janet! thanks for sharing 🙂

  8. Librarylady says:

    What a fun idea! I think we should all do walks around our homes and share the indoors which is our new outdoors. Wait – I think I’d need to tidy up a bit before that’s a good idea. I found you on Jo’s Monday Walk – a fun place to share.

    • Thanks, Lady from one of my favorite places in the world–the Library. 🙂 The best part about a virtual indoor walk is that no one will see the mess if you don’t take photos of it. 🙂 Anyway, I’ll be over later to Jo’s to try to catch up on what’s been happening there. It’s been a busy Monday here.


  9. Lignum Draco says:

    I enjoyed the tour, Janet. So much of what we have accumulated in life are associated with memories. I think that may be why I’m more of a hoarder than I would like to be.

    • Getting rid of things is difficult for precisely that reason, don’t you think? I tend to keep things but the move made me pare down even than the move from Ohio to Illinois 8 years earlier. Books are maybe the hardest things for me to get rid of. There are a few things I wish I’d brought, but for the most part, I’m good where I am now. Thanks for visiting.

  10. What wonderful treasures you have! Thank you for sharing. I’m waiting for the kettle to click! Then I’m making my first cuppa of the day. Salut!

  11. marianallen says:

    Thanks for the tour and for sharing your memories. I’ll have rooibos, thanks, with honey. And a bit of that dark chocolate, please.

  12. belocchio says:

    Oh dear Janet, your “room” and the glimpse into it is so wonderful. I am so curious as how to people live. I loved it when I lived in Amsterdam. The Dutch are very open and welcoming. They seldom pull their curtains closed even when their front door opens right onto the sidewalk. I would stroll around the neighbourhood and shameless take long side long glances into their homes. Now with so many tv presenters etc broadcasting from their home I delight in looking more at their background then listening to them. And your tea – every cup of it sounds like the best idea ever. Cheers Virginia

    • So nice to have you drop by, Virginia. These days company is especially appreciated. 🙂 I have so many kinds of tea that I’m spoiled for choice. In our new house, I’m able to get out more of the china and glassware than I did previously and am looking forward to enjoying it, just the two of us, and even more so when we can have company again. I’ve always enjoyed driving around at night and glancing in windows to glimpse just a moment of the life inside.

      Stay well.


  13. Resa says:

    Janet, this is the perfect walk for these times.
    Your things and memories are beautiful. Thanks for sharing!!!

    • Resa, thanks for visiting. 🙂 I’m happy that here I’ve been able to unpack many fragile things that I’ve had for many years but never had room for. Because we got rid of more things during this move, I can now put them out where they can actually be used and bring me/us pleasure, especially once we can entertain again.

  14. Rupali says:

    Cool & creative walk.

  15. BeckyB says:

    oh such fun, and so many memories 🙂

  16. aw this was cute, thanks for posting x