We’re told to support local business, so why not local doors? This one is from a local coffee shop chain called Dutch Bros. Coffee. I thought perhaps the chain was local, but it’s not. I do like their sense of humor, though. I did support a local chain yesterday morning when I got a dark chocolate mocha at Coffee Rush. 🙂

This is as local as it gets: a partial view of the front door of our rental house and one of the three garage doors. The screen door has a sun screen, rather than a traditional screen, called a bug screen here. A three-car garage is highly desirable, as there are no basements, making storage space a problem. This door opens by hand and inside there are cabinets along the wall adjoining the house, so no car could be parked there. But lots of boxes, bikes, and more thankfully have taken up residence there! Many people use one or more garage spaces for storage and park vehicles outside. No basements here!

This is the view in the morning from the master bedroom door, a door allowing us to walk onto the patio if we so desire. I like to open it on mornings when the air is cool, helping cool the house and shore up coolness against the heat of the day. This week’s temperatures are lovely but next week the highs are sky-rocketing into the 100’s, as high as 107/109 later in the week. That means the “low” temperatures will make their way into the lower 70’s. Have to walk early!! Dry heat definitely helps but at some point, it’s just hot. 🙂

for Thursday Doors

  1. beth says:

    great local door idea, i love the ‘mafia’ door!

  2. Ally Bean says:

    I like the coffee shop door. Clever. Don’t you wonder why they did that though? Is there a backstory, perhaps?

  3. We’d love to have a 3 car garage for more storage space. We want a kayak each, and I want an ATV but we have nowhere to store them, so we’re discussing and exploring options.

    Tea on the patio just off your bedroom in the cool mornings sounds lovely. I’m waiting for the mornings to get just a wee bit warmer so I can do that, but it off our living room. 😀

    • Tea on the patio would either have to be quite early or later in the day when the sun’s not shining right on it. Almost the only thing that would make this house better would be if it faced north, rather than west. The back patio gets hot in the morning and the front in the evening. But such is life.

      My brother has a 3-car garage and I was hoping for one but without much hope, as the houses I saw prior to this didn’t have one. But in this area, quite a few houses have them and it’s a definitely plus!!

  4. DrJunieper says:

    Mafia only? Wow, that’s a good way to care off some:) That dark chocolate mocha sounds sooo good! On your captures I can see you live in a different area – more sun!

    • Yes, we’re in Gilbert, Arizona now. Big difference from Illinois and the Chicago area is having terrible flooding right now.

      The door is the staff entrance. No idea why they stenciled that on the door, but it’s fun. The dark chocolate mocha is pretty good. 🙂

  5. JT Twissel says:

    We’re warming up out here as well! Mafia only is always good for a chuckle!

  6. Sue says:

    Hmm, heat…I’ve got a fan blowing to keep me cool

  7. Su Leslie says:

    Way too hot for me. Hope you have good air con.

    • We do and most of the rooms have ceiling fans, which help. We also have a box fan and just got an oscillating fan. I manage the windows and blinds and things as best I can and then use the AC when needed. 🙂

      • Su Leslie says:

        Sounds like you’re in control. I was much more pro-active with fans and blinds during last summer (which was hot by our standards but pretty tame for you) and it made a big difference.

      • It really does make a difference. We’ve taken to the heat better than I expected but oh, what a joy it’s been to have these few cool nights and mornings. I love to be able to open everything up to cool the house down and air it out.

  8. jazzytower says:

    “Mafia Only”…that is funny.
    Nice shots!


  9. Lovely doors, and it might have been better if you’d moved mid October and could have enjoyed winter before summer hit. 🙂 I have a couple of friends who live in AZ and talk about dry heat. Hmm, I’m guessing over 100 is still pretty warm, but next winter you will be sitting on that patio enjoying yourself. 🙂

    • The timing was out of our hands and having survived summer, we’ll be ready for anything and ready to appreciate fall and winter. I’m just glad we made it with no problems!

  10. Norm 2.0 says:

    Dry or not, uh-uh that’s just too darn hot for me.
    Love the Mafia door. I guess even tough guys need their coffee too 😉

  11. marianallen says:

    Not having a basement would freak me out. Of course, I grew up and still live in Tornado Alley, so there’s that. Thanks for sharing your beautiful doors and your beautiful sunshine. We actually have some sun at the moment, but the forecast is for clouds, clouds, and more clouds. When your temps soar, head for the hills!

    • Marian, we moved from a large, four-bedroom house with attic and basement in Ohio, to a much smaller 3-bedroom rental with no attic but a basement in Illinois, to a larger than the Illinois house 3-bedroom house with no attic and no basement. Thank heaven for that three-car garage and built-in storage in the house!!

  12. Resa says:

    I’m not good in the heat, but the nights sound refreshing to leave a cool morning.
    I would use the Mafia Only door for sure!

  13. The nearest doors are the most important ones.

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