It’s been an odd week. Monday I posted a photo (late, due to some weird WP stuff) that I thought was rather good. If I’m to be truthful, I thought it would wow people. It got some great comments, but not many “likes” at all. Yesterday I posted a video I felt the same about. It did a bit better, but not what I expected either. Topsy-turvy. So today I’m playing. Who knows what will happen? No matter what, have a wonder-filled Wednesday!

Topsy turvy black-necked stilts
  1. macmsue says:

    Well, I certainly like the weird and wonderful shapes formed by the birds’ legs.

  2. I like this Janet! I experienced the same with a post or two where I hardly had traffic.

  3. Ally Bean says:

    I’m seeing fewer people posting to their blogs and fewer people are visiting mine. I don’t think it is you, I think it is a symptom of the times. We’re all overwhelmed by news about disease and protests. Topsy-turvy is the reality in the blogland right now. That being said, cool photos. Those legs form the most interesting shapes.

    • I thought the legs with the reflection looked interesting. Glad you agree. As for the blogs, we’ll just keep on doing what we do and see what happens, right? Hope your day’s off to a great start and gets better from there. 🙂


  4. Those long legs made me giggle. 😀

  5. Dan Antion says:

    Those are wonderful photos, Janet. It looks like it’s been choreographed.

  6. Beautiful photos, I love the symmetry 🌿 Janet you have not been on my WP Reader (a glitch?) so I’ve found you by myself and now have lots of lovely catching up to do x

    • Thanks for taking time to do that!! WP has some odd ways and glitches, doesn’t it, but you never really know why or have any way to reach out to anyone to find out or fix them. It can be frustrating.

  7. rugby843 says:

    These are awesome, no doubt!

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  8. This is positively mesmerizing and I can’t quite say why. I just keep scrolling up and down, up and down… Such a compelling series! I would have never thought to turn that kind of photo, since it has such a clear and logical “bottom,” but it really works in so many directions!

  9. Tom says:

    These photos remind me of early black and white cartoons for some reason, Janet. Well that, or some ancient type of lettering. My mind sometimes takes me in the oddest of directions!

  10. susurrus says:

    These made me giggle out loud. I don’t always know which pictures are going to resonate with people. Often I am very unsure about one, then add it in at the last minute anyway, and that one is the one people seem to find most interesting.

  11. Arati says:

    I love that you saw these plays with shadows.

  12. Resa says:

    Sweet take!