Have you seen the signs by new apartments that say “If you lived here, you’d be home by now?” I thought of that when I saw this hole, which quite likely could be home to a bird of some sort.

If you lived here, you’d be next door to an outstanding restaurant.

If you lived here, you’d have a cozy little place just right for you.

If you lived here, you’d have a fantastic bird’s eye view. It ups the price, but you’ll appreciate the space and amenities. King-sized bed included.

If you lived here, your house is still under construction, but will be worth the wait. After all, you’re the builder, you should know. And if you lived here…

you’d be this bird, that’s had me scoping out the nest every time I’m at the Preserve, trying to get a better photo. To date, it’s bird 4 or 5, Janet 1, as far as nest-building shots, but I have a better score for bird-spotting shots.

  1. carylbeach says:

    How amazing! Birds make their nests in the most precarious places! Great captures. My robins have fledged now from their four feet from the ground nest in the ivy. I put down spikes and pepper dust to keep my cat Rex away from the nest- now we can relax they have flown away! The cacti are fab-:)

    • I’m glad you could keep your cat away from the robins, although he probably wasn’t thrilled. 🙂 Birds do make nests in all sorts of places and I’m glad you enjoyed seeing them in the cactus.


  2. macmsue says:

    Very interesting take on “estate agent speak”. I’d say the homes are pretty much burglar proof too.

  3. peggyjoan42 says:

    I enjoyed this so much. I live in Arkansas now, but lived in Arizona for 20 years and I miss the desert. Saw so many birds building nests in the cactus. Beautiful pictures.

  4. So beautiful Janet!!!

  5. Dan Antion says:

    Thanks got the cool photos and a few laughs.

  6. Loved the photos! I never thought about cavity nesters in the cactus like that, but I’m glad to know they exist. I love that all those old and damaged plants become useful in different ways to the wildlife as they age.

    • I think many of those holes are actually made by birds but it really is a good use of holes, bird-made or not. Glad you enjoyed the photos. Every time I arrive at the Preserve, I park by the saguaros and I always check to see what birds are there. They love to sit on top and eat the fruit.

  7. Doves can nest anywhere. We had one nest on chicken wire we put up to squirrels away. Nice collection from your new digs.

  8. Those are awesome images of the birds and their houses/nesting places, Janet! I love the Flicker poking its head out of the hole.

  9. restlessjo says:

    Lots of birds about this week, Janet, and I like your little housing project 🙂 🙂 Great shots too!

    • Thanks very much, Jo. At the Preserve, it’s all about the birds. Other than rabbits and turtles, I haven’t seen any other wildlife that I can recall. Maybe at another time of year, but who knows? It’s all new yet.

  10. Thank you for the smile.

  11. Lignum Draco says:

    If only. 🙂 A lcute series of photos, particularly the last one.

  12. Lignum Draco says:

    “cute” not lcute. 🙂

  13. fakeflamenco says:

    Love to see life in a desert. Great shots.

  14. Resa says:

    How neat! a cactus home.
    Definitely your world of photos is changed. I adore the new world, and your old one is very great, too!