Do feathers make me look fat?

Posted: September 5, 2020 in Six-Word Saturday
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for Six Word Saturday 9.5.20

  1. eklastic says:

    Yes, they do. Sorry, hon. 😢

  2. Archon's Den says:

    I’ll huff, and I’ll puff, and I’ll…. sit on your fencepost. πŸ™‚

  3. peggyjoan42 says:

    Birds can fluff their feathers and look 3 times their size. Such a cute little bird.

  4. Thank you for the hearty chuckle.

  5. Dan Antion says:

    “Fluffy, not fat.” I’m sure that’s what hubby bird would say.

  6. de Wets Wild says:

    Perhaps it’s just the way you’re sitting, dear dove…

  7. scr4pl80 says:

    I’m sure it’s just the coat. It’s a puffy jacket.

  8. restlessjo says:

    I hate to say it, but yes! On the other hand, life would be chilly otherwise, and you’d have to do a lot of walking πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ Enjoy your trip, Janet!

  9. happyface313 says:

    πŸ™‚ adorable! ❀ πŸ™‚

  10. Tina Schell says:

    Ha Ha Ha – I can feel his/her pain!!

  11. lolaWi says:

    sorry but yes, they do! but they can make you look cute, too! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  12. Resa says:

    Nooo, not at all, not fat! Fluffy!
    (Cute shot!)

  13. Hahahaha! Grand! β€οΈπŸ¦‹πŸŒ€

  14. Fluff isn’t fat! Such a cuties.

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