What’s your super power?

Posted: October 5, 2020 in Miscellaneous, Personal
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Everyone has a superpower. My dad’s is being able to call on the phone at the most inconvenient time: when I’m as far away from the phone as possible, on another call, forgot to take my phone off vibrate for the night, etc. My husband, in the same vein, starts a conversation when I’m in the bathroom, doing something noisy, or have just walked out of the room. He can also nap any time and any place, something not in my super power arsenal.

Some have the superpower of always being elegant,

while others look great in feathers and a hat.

I’m a mom, so I obviously have a multitude of superpowers! But one very useful super power is being able to pack well, whether estimating how much will fit in a container for the fridge or freezer or packing the most possible items in the space allowed, whether in a suitcase or boxes in the van. My other superpower is being able to drive for long periods of time without having to stop (gas stops and bathroom/food breaks should always happen together if at all possible) and actually enjoying it.

What’s your superpower? I know you have one! If I don’t see any responses, I might be forced to come up with one for quite a few of you who follow this blog, so get your choice in so I don’t have to do it for you. 🙂

BTW, I look great in hats, too. 🙂

  1. Sheree says:

    My superpower is being prepared for whatever life throws at you and never knowingly under-catering.

  2. beth says:

    Finding laughs and somehow, glitter, wherever I go

    • Beth, that’s a super power everyone around you should appreciate, especially these days. Good for you! I’m good with glitter so long as it’s not the sort that a former friend thought it fun to put inside cards and which would then fall out all over the floor when the card was opened. Sigh.

  3. I am indefatigable 😊😊

  4. peggyjoan42 says:

    My superpower is like yours – I can pack a suitcase and refrigerator with tons of things and still find room for something else. My daughter and husband tell me I am the brain of the family, because I am the one that remembers birthdays, doctor appointments, where everyone puts things., etc. I told them all – “My brain is getting tired as I age – shape up and give me some help.” Ha

  5. Dan Antion says:

    Wow! That first photo is stunning! Good job, Janet. I don’t know about superpowers, but I can drive forever.

  6. I love hats, but don’t look great in most styles so that’s not my superpower. Like you, I can pack and load the car or suitcase much better than He-Man so he thinks that’s my superpower. It’s definitely something good to have in my talent stack that’s for sure!

    I think my superpower is always having hope and faith that things will work out. I wish I was as elegant as that Egret and looked as lovely in a Fascinator like that duck does. 😀

  7. Dear Janet,

    Like you, I’m a hat person. 😉 I’d have to say my superpower is swimming a mile at a time and hosting a blog challenge going into my 9th year. Whodathunkit.



    • Prior... says:

      Hi Rochelle – had to briefly chime in because you do have superpower hosting skills and congrats on nine years! Your joy and love for literature (and art and life) is a gift to your regulators and to the blog community in general

  8. Loved your post and the superpowers of you and Bill, all the commenters. I think mine is the ability to entertain myself simply, like with rocks and paper, lol. I also wear super-powered rose-colored glasses most of the time.

    • Rose-colored glasses are even more useful these days, Madison, and while I wear them quite often, I occasionally misplace them. Being able to entertain yourself, especially simply, is an underrated but extremely useful power. You also make beautiful paintings from that power, so I’d count that as a big one!!

  9. rugby843 says:

    My superpower seems to be to foresee something going wrong and it does. Murphy, karma, fate??

  10. lolaWi says:

    the first photo is stunning! not sure about superpowers but i can be amazingly calm even in chaotic scenarios. 🙂 🙂

  11. Kate Lester says:

    Finding humor in some of the worst moments.

  12. marianallen says:

    My superpower is to have people I’ve never met before tell me their life stories. Also, to cook with leftovers so nobody knows they were leftovers.

  13. I suppose my superpower is to multitask!

  14. Sue says:

    Ringing the bells that still can ring

  15. I love to see those large white birds in flight – they look so different when siting around on the ground/docks…incognito helpful to avoid fans and photographers?
    Yes, spacial awareness is terribly helpful….as well as turning stuff into art

    • Turning stuff into art is something you and others can enjoy, so that’s a good one. Spatial awareness is great and something that always awes my husband. 🙂

  16. Prior... says:

    Fun post – the opening photo is one that needs to be sent to Nat Geo or anywhere else that has extravagant photos – oh my goodness do I love it
    Did it take a long time to capture that?

    And I can pack pretty well too but I think “superpower” or unique gift is that I really love people – I know it is the Holy Spirit inside that has flooded me with god’s love and kept me soft and alive through the many hard ups and downs – so all the glory to God- and I do have to pull back from toxic people — sadly / most of them at Christians I encounter and that is why it is sometimes hard for me to group myself with that word – just so many crazies – or legalists – or harsh and mean deceptive people – and I know we are all Flawed but my goodness they can be brutal– on the flip side – many are also awesome and truly the sweetest and kindest people can be Christians too – and many have blessed me and built into to me allowing me to pay it forward – for example – in 1993 – moving out a place and had trouble getting the keys to get my last box of stuff (important stuff and a lot or junk) and I was weary and tired and it was Florida muggy heat! A kind neighbor made me carrot juice – twice (and we know how juicing can be messy and $) and her kindness rekindled a weary physical body at the time but also impacted my soul!

    • Really loving people is a super power I wish more people had, especially these days when many can’t even speak civilly to one another! Unfortunately, we Christians are flawed people as much as anyone else, but yes, it makes me sad when Christians act just like everyone else (in negative ways.) Keep up the wonderful work of loving people! You’re very needed. ❤

      I'm also happy you like that photos. Did I have to wait long for that shot? Not overly long. I happened to be on the side of one of the lakes where the sun was behind whatever was on the lake, not what you think about as ideal for photos. But I was blessed to get some marvelous shots with the light behind this egret and they made it seem almost transparent. I seem to have the knack of being in the right place at the right time and getting some lucky shots, especially as I don't have one of those super long lenses that most of the birders have.

      • Prior... says:

        Hi – getting the shot sounds like it was god timing indeed and quite the eye.
        And would be nice to print out and put on the back of that photo if you ever sell it –
        And regarding this part about Christians – well
        First – sorry to rant about Christians but it has come up a few times this past summer how the term is too generic and we were visiting friends and their Vet guy was practicing a little dark occult stuff and they were like huh? He is a strong Christian – what? How did they define it? We know it is by the fruits and all that – but it has been a topic coming up)
        So regarding this part – “makes me sad when Christians act just like everyone else (in negative ways)”
        That is the irritant –
        They don’t act like everyone else – they can be worse – and non believers can have hearts of good and be kinder and just have more common sense – seriously – I know we are all flawed and need grace – but some of the Christians o have encountered over the years have been down right mean – Unkind – exclusive – and sometimes abusive – like to their children with harshness or to other people – I won’t rant anymore –
        Maybe I’ll post about it soon – but as noted a long time ago – I habe told you that this foulness I have seen in the body of Christ is what makes me appreciate certain Christians when I do meet them.
        Like you (as noted before) because you come to the world not preachy and not elite in attitude – just being you and your essence at the season. Of course you are likely not perfect (nobody is) but maybe another superpower (to fit in the with theme of the post) is your steady eddy and stable mable presence on the blogosphere doing what you do

      • God timing is exactly what it is. He also found us our rental home without me even having to come to AZ, although I was coming the following week, which is when I wrapped everything up. He also provided a rental that’s beautiful and has more than we would even have dreamt of asking for, although we’d been praying about the next house for at least a year.\

        I always told our girls that as a Christian, you never want to act in a way that others, if they saw it would say, why would I want to be a Christian because they act just like everyone else.

      • Prior... says:

        Oh that is great about the rental! And his all things worked out –
        And nice wisdom to give your girls

        I like the saying “when all else fails then a Christian should speak” which I take to mean that our actions and fruits really should model and show things first –
        Okay – whew – a lot of “me” in this comment section so I will definitely wrap it up with a “thanks again for a fun post”

      • Prior... says:

        One more thing – just heard a Chuck Swindoll message about the body of Christ – and it tied right in here – thanks for a good post – inphotos and in words

  17. My Super Power is t though I don’t “Look sick”, actually have a Auto Immune Disease and while i look fine on the outside, looks are deceiving.

  18. One of your super powers is photography as evidenced by these shots. 🙂 I am organized, can multitask, have a flair for snarky comments that not everyone appreciates, can fit more dishes in the dishwasher than my husband can even imagine, and for the past seven months I’ve refrained from saying a word to those idiots who refuse to wear masks in public places. 🙂

    • I like your super powers, Judy, especially that last one. Mask-wearing is much better here than it was when we first moved but I did see a few people the other night when I stopped at a store to try to find minute tapioca (which apparently has fallen prey to the Covid baking spree).

  19. Laziness 🙂 I have raised three boys who know how to cook, clean, and do laundry( when they need) lazy mother self-sufficient children

  20. Ally Bean says:

    My superpower is that I can fill in nail holes in dry wall so that you don’t know a nail was ever there. It’s a gift that I rarely use anymore.

  21. MythRider says:

    My superpower could be being a mom to everyone by giving brilliant advice.
    But my real superpower is keeping my mouth shut.

  22. Resa says:

    My super power is scent.
    My GF calls it BO. However, in this time of COVID it’s working for me, big time.
    Who needs deodorant? Not me!
    Social distancing is not a problem. I can repel from 12 feet, at least.

    • Ha, ha, ha!! When we lived in Illinois, I didn’t have to use deodorant but here I use it. Not sure I’d be smelly and it certainly doesn’t stop the wetness, but I don’t care to chance it. 🙂 Heck, you’re twice the advised limit for distancing!!

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