Thursday doors…Tlaquepaque again

Posted: November 19, 2020 in Thursday doors
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We’re back in Sedona again this week, on the prowl for doors at Tlaquepaque once more. Let’s begin the beguine with some rather impressive gates, doors to the shopping complex.

This chapel is used for weddings at, I’m sure, a hefty price, but oh, the atmosphere!

And this is a wider version of a narrow door many of you admired that last time I posted doors from Tlaquepaque. And as always, thanks for stepping through the open doors this week.

Thursday Doors is the brain child of our Canadian compatriot Norm whose miscellaneous musings of a middle-aged mind makes us happy almost 52 weeks of the year. Thanks, Norm. Neither rain, nor snow, nor sleet, nor Covid can stop you from your appointed rounds and for that we are all grateful as are admirers of doors everywhere.

  1. Sheree says:

    Those are fabulous doors

  2. peggyjoan42 says:

    Great doors – love them all. Looks like it would be hard to break that last door.

  3. Dan Antion says:

    Wow! These are beautiful, Janet, especially that second entrance. The door at the bottom is massive. I’m trying to imagine whet if must be like to open a door like that.

    Thanks for sharing these. Stay safe.

  4. aFrankAngle says:

    Love these. I must remember that when I post the beach walk about doors, I must do so on a Thursday!

  5. Always a delight to step outside and through your doors, virtually for now. I really should keep my eyes open around here for some interesting entryways to contribute to the theme.

    • You might be surprised at what you find, Hannah. Once you start looking for doors, it’s hard to stop. The doors in our current neighborhood aren’t that interesting for the most part, but I’m sure there will be some elsewhere when we start getting out more.

  6. Norm 2.0 says:

    On the third shot I like both the door and the way it is inset into that very thick wall. Unless it’s a big official government building or a church, nothing is built like that anymore.

    • You’re right, Norm. The thick walls are a Spanish-style thing. The door to our house in Ohio wasn’t anything special to look at, but it was over-sized (which the movers loved) and very sturdy. No one would have been kicking down that door!

  7. Those are lovely doors. I love the hardware.

  8. marianallen says:

    Fabulous doors. I love the one to the shopping area.

  9. Ally Bean says:

    Beautiful doors. I like the arches and how sturdy the doors are. Impressive

  10. Amy says:

    Beautiful door gallery, Janet.

  11. These are impressive doors, Janet. Love them … 😎

  12. Junie says:

    Wow, beautiful door! Have the feeling we will get to see something regularly from Sedona (which I welcome, since I wanted to live there!). Not that you need to write me back, this was the day of election, and I emailed you about Arizona, just was curious about your reaction, and how it is turning out right now…

  13. Teresa says:

    Rather impressing doors. And looks expensive too as you mentioned.

  14. These doors are simply beautiful, Janet.

  15. Very impressive doors, Janet!

  16. Great photos of lovely doors Janet, , that’s something I also love to take photos of,

  17. Resa says:

    Beautiful, especially the first one!

  18. Interesting read. Thanks for sharing. Sedona is very cool.

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