I’m usually too lazy to go back and look at all the doors or gates I shared in a year, but I’ve decided to make the effort this year. Of course that creates a new problem: which doors to choose?? I’m going with some favorites from each of the places I usually find doors.

The door that no one really cared about, from the visitor’s center at Saguaro National Park…

Keep on truckin’. From Chicago’s WNDR Museum…

The door to a Wyoming sheepherder’s home…

Found in Pasadena, California…

© janet m. webb

And, of course, from France…

for Thursday Doors 12.17.20

  1. I love the light and shadow game in the first pic.
    The wagon – does someone living inside will read my fortune? 🙂

    • The light and shadows in the first one were so amazing. As for the wagon, maybe the sheepherder’s wife if had one? No one lives in the wagon anymore. It’s just a roadside attraction.


  2. Sheree says:

    My favourite is the French one!

  3. lifelessons says:

    What a wonderful variety of doors. Thanks for sharing them again.

  4. I thought you heading in the direction of shadows and stripes theme with the first two doors, but then you changed it up. I love the sheep herder’s wagon. It’s cool! Great selection to wrap up the year with.

  5. peggyjoan42 says:

    A great variety of doors. I remember these from your past posts.

  6. ladysighs says:

    Reminded me to keep my doors locked. 😉

    • 🙂 I never go into anyone’s home, so you’re safe from me. As far as I know, Norm and now Dan have never had to use the bail money to get any Thursday Doors person out of jail.


  7. Dan Antion says:

    These are great doors and your reliable excellent photography, Janet. I love the lines and shadows in that first image. I also like the truck and the back doors to the trailer – those are classics. I hope 2021 gives you an opportunity to return to France, for more doors (pastries too) and good times with family. I hope you have a wonderful holiday season. Stay safe.

  8. John Hric says:

    Nice collection of doors. Particularly love the first entrance and the gypsy cart.

  9. Janet, this is a wonderful collection! They’re all fabulous. But I love old autos, and that’s my favorite “shape” of pickup truck — I can’t stop looking at it. Hugs on the wing!

  10. Dan – I know I haven’t been around here that long, but this post is absolutely my favorite. The collection is wonderful, diverse, fun, and more. Well done, sir. 🙂

  11. Natalie says:

    A great selection of doors, Janet. I really like the doors of the truck and the shepherd’s home. #ThursdayDoors

    • Thanks, Natalie. It was hard just choosing these few doors, but since the others have already been featured, they shouldn’t feel left out. 🙂 Glad you liked them.


  12. Cee Neuner says:

    Oh I so adore your first photo. Marvelous. I really like your photos for this challenge. 😀

  13. All very cool but that truck is perfect.
    What fun to drive art cars like that.

    • That truck is in a museum, but I’d love to have one like it to drive around. There are a number of men around here who have old and/or refurbished Chevrolet pickup trucks. It’s always fun to see them when they get together prior to driving off to who knows where. None of them are as cool as this one, though. 🙂

      • We have one of the largest art car organizations in the US here – there’s a big parade and contest every year except last year. Between parades people drive them everyday – adds a smile to commutes.
        That paint job on that museum truck is one of theist professional ones I’ve seen. Cool indeed ( but it needs to be on the road!)

  14. Teresa says:

    I like the psychedelic truck!

  15. slfinnell says:

    Watching for more wonderful doors next year!

  16. marianallen says:

    Wonderful choices! That first one is still my favorite, although the others give it a close run for its money.

  17. I can see why it was difficult making a choice, Janet. They’re all so good. The first one is brilliant, I love the effect of the shadows but I think my favourite is the sheepherder’s home. Such a great photo. Looking forward to your 2021 doors.

  18. Junie-Jesh says:

    Great review Janet. I love the first two most, hands down – maybe because they’re different! A merry Christmas to you and a wonderful 2021 to straighten all of us out what went crooked this year:)