Thursday doors…getting high on doors

Posted: February 18, 2021 in Thursday doors
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These days you can legally get high in far too many places as far as I’m concerned. But I loved getting high with these doors in downtown Flagstaff, Arizona on Monday while meeting Lisa from Micro of the Macro. We had coffee at Late for the Train (trains are a big thing in Flagstaff, Dan), a tasty lunch at a Thai restaurant, and then browsed a variety of shops. I even got to see snow, although it was on the ground and it didn’t actually snow again until the next day when I wasn’t there. 😦

This door was in an interesting clothing store. Notice the driver? You can “bearly” see him. When that gas pump was in use, I bet prices were a lot lower than they are now. I remember gas wars when prices were down to $.25/gallon and even when I had my VW, $.50/gallon was common. If you feel like complaining about the prices now, however, try buying gas in Europe and the price is per liter!

This was the view from the coffee shop and the reason why we weren’t drinking outside. We were socially distanced, however, both from each other and from others.

The upper door does have a balcony, but I’d suggest still taking care. It’s not that big. 🙂

for Thursday Doors 2.18.21

  1. Sheree says:

    Interesting trio

  2. peggy says:

    I can remember gas at 25 cents a gallon, but then I am old. Like that truck and thst grest building. So glad you had a great day with your daughter in Flagstaff.

  3. I remember gas under $1 a gallon when I bought my first car.

  4. Looks like an interesting coffee shop 😁 Nice doors, too.

  5. Dan Antion says:

    I love that truck, the bear and the rest of the decorations in that shop. The upper door, with the balcony is stunning. It has such a perfect appearance to it. The balcony does look a little dicey. I might step out for a quick look around, but I’m not sure I’d stand out there very long. Late for the Train sounds like a great place to stop for coffee. I know I’d be hard pressed to walk by.

    Thanks for joining us at Thursday Doors, Janet. From what I’m reading about the weather east of you, I’d say having to travel to see snow is a good thing. Take care.

  6. Greeting truck … and hi Lisa!

  7. I can still remember a trip to the gas station with my parents…oh I was 13 or so and my Dad went off about the price of gas skyrocketing…it was $0.38 a gallon. I took it from his anger that it went up a lot. I looked at the sign and the pump he chose to see what the heck made him so mad. I’d be so happy for that price on Tuesday I paid $2.65 a gallon in Yerington, NV it was higher there than in my town.

    The truck is neat is the driver a dog?

    • The driver is a bear, although it’s difficult to tell from that angle. Our gas is up to $2 and the mid-forties most places here, although I get mine at Costco where they have top tier gas and usually much lower prices.

      • I usually get mine at the Costco in Carson City, but I was exploring a birding nature reserve out there and needed more gas. Maverick is the other big gas station/store here that I will stop at if there’s no Costco because their prices are fairly good, and they’re brightly lit, and busy= mostly safe for me to stop in and fill up. 😀

      • I got on the way back from Flag got the same reason, at a Love’s or some other truck stop place with decent prices.

  8. Prior... says:

    hi janet
    love following the bit of shares about your meeting with Lisa

    and the note about getting high – i am 100^ for legalized pot and feel
    like it was a long overdue
    even tho i cannot smoke myself (allergic and also don’t like inhaling anything) and i will say that in the last two years i ha e noticed the pot smell more and more as we go places
    even on a walk recently –
    passed a car sitting there and pot smell emitted thru the doors (and it smelled like good stuff – ha)
    and now on to your doors
    nice play on the high word
    and the patio shot is my fav kf today

    • I’ve never been interested in taking drugs of any sort unless needed by prescription. I know that medical marijuana can be very helpful for some people and I have no problem with that.

      • Prior... says:

        well too often i think prescriptions are too quickly assigned or prescribed – and a topic for another time but it is a joke the way the doctors dispense -ugh

  9. Prior... says:

    i only remember when class was hovering around a dollar and recall
    folks upset it hit the dollar per fallow mark

  10. Great job, Janet. It’s fun for me to see you post these shots & read the comments of others! 🌞

    • I’m glad. I’m sure there are more doors there waiting to be discovered and featured and I’m looking forward to the church and maybe other churches. You’ll be my go-to for good churches to visit. 🙂 And I do have more doors from this visit.

  11. I love all the vintageness of that first photo.

  12. China Dream says:

    Love love the truck!

  13. Resa says:

    So interesting about gas prices. We are by the litre up here.

  14. slfinnell says:

    On pot…. my father in law’s favorite saying was that when it comes to having a non smoking section, it’s like having a no peeing section in a pool. Hope that’s not being too crude, but I hate it when the neighbors smoke a reefer right outside my bedroom window. Not enough air freshener. Just my opinion. lol

  15. These are great pictures.

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