Lens Artists Photo Challenge #137 – Soft

Posted: February 27, 2021 in Lens-Artist Photo Challenge
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This week Ann-Christine challenges us to share images that are “soft.” “Soft” immediately made me think of fog…but Tina already did that beautifully. Then I thought about trying to do “Soft in the Desert”…but if you’ve been in the dessert, you know there really isn’t too much “soft” here! “Sharp” I could do for weeks, though.

After scrolling through an enormous number of photos, I propose a virtual visit Cape May, New Jersey, birding mecca (although no bird photos today) and a beautiful beach area and you won’t need vaccinations or a passport. We’ll start with the only bird-related image in this post, a soft feather.

Wouldn’t these make great dusters?

There was a lovely foggy day while we were there. I sneaked out with my iPad (these all iPad photos, by the way, as this was before I ever had a smartphone) and blissfully wandered through a world magically softened.

The sand wasn’t completely soft, but it was soft enough to take footprints, prints that faded into the soft distance.

This is one of my favorite views of that day and if you added a carriage, you’d have a wonderful scene from a historic horror movie! Can’t you just see it racing down the alley made by those trees pursued by a ghostly figure?

This soft land led to a soft, beautiful sunset which brings us to the end of our virtual visit. Wasn’t it great to be able to travel without problems?

  1. happyface313 says:

    🙂 I miss the ocean and the beach so much.
    The Danube river is no comparison.
    Have a very HAPPY Sunday and stay safe, dear Janet!
    Claudia xo 🙂

  2. Eha says:

    Please; please do not be offended . . . I am so glad I allowed my genie to bring me across from Ann-Christine’s! I am smiling looking at your beautiful photos . . . but if I was shown those with no ‘address’ I would have said mid-east coast of Australia, near Sydney . . . close to home !

    • Then you live in a beautiful part of the word, Eha, and I’m very glad your genie brought you over. Thanks for dropping by and for the lovely remark. I’d love to visit Australia some day, too.


  3. restlessjo says:

    I love the ghostly one 🤗💕

  4. de Wets Wild says:

    Definitely soft and soothing on the eye, and soul, Janet!

  5. Prior... says:

    janet – this was a fun flowing travel post! the ghostly vibe in that tree one was fun the way you gave us the visualization
    and all with the ipad? l very nice with your touch.
    oh and the grasses was very similar to my ohiti from yesterday – you were right – and not that we ever compare – but goodness i like your feathery grasses better for the sun and setting – and they do look like dusters
    and i would like about four of those in a vase!

    • The iPad takes great photos but it’s much more difficult to carry around than a phone! But it was what I had at the time. 🙂

      • Prior... says:

        Looks like you made it work – and I do recall the first time I saw folks using an iPad for photos – we were at a big event and it was fun seeing people holding up the big squares –
        that was the pads were newer and now that is common
        – hope your sunday is going well – all rain here – blah

      • Sun here as usual. We’re usually in the situation of wanting some rain. The only negative thing this morning is that it’s not even 8 am and someone nearby is using a trimmer of some sort and making a bit of a racket while my husband is finally getting a day to sleep in. 😦 You’d think they might be able to wait a bit.

      • Prior... says:

        yes – wait until 8 or 9!
        not sure if you habe ear plugs for him but that could work?

      • He can sleep through most things, but I just think it’s rather inconsiderate. The weird thing is that after watching our online church service, he took a nap and not more than two minutes after he lay down, the chain saw started again! Thankfully it didn’t keep up for long.

      • Prior... says:

        glad it did not last too long!

  6. Sue says:

    A world magically softened….indeed, Janet,

  7. Great interpretation – second and fifth pics my fav.

  8. Tina Schell says:

    Oh I’ve spent many a day in Cape May Janet – actually used to have a house in Avalon a few miles away. Love the sugar-candy Victorian houses down there. Lovely post – my favorite image is the spooky, fog-shrouded trees. rather mystical too. Thanks for the walk down memory lane!

    • The homes there are quite spectacular (and expensive). We were fortunate to be able to stay with someone and were right by the birding area with a short walk to the beach as well. I’m glad you could walk along with me.

  9. Amy says:

    A beautiful, soft collection. I love all of your images, Janet!

  10. peggy says:

    Love the photos you chose for this post. You have shown us nature in many different settings.

  11. Leya says:

    Excellent soft choices, janet! Even if I love all of them, I must chime in with the others about that spooky tree image – I think I see a carriage…

  12. Those are wonderful images that read soft. I love the foggy ones.

  13. CurlsnSkirls says:

    Ah, Cape May! I was fortunate to visit there in the 70’s, sans camera, and enjoyed biking up and down town. I stayed in an old house newly turned BnB that had a small round room at the top, with a teensy balcony & flag pole. (One of the “… sugar-candy Victorian houses…” as Tina, above, mentioned.) Friends knew I was up & about if the flag was flying. Not being an early riser, I enjoyed seeing your empty beach photos, & remembering my own lovely visits! 💕

  14. Very beautiful photos!

  15. Desert has it own unique beauty, lovely beach photos Janet.

  16. JohnRH says:

    Excellent selections. Well done.

  17. Resa says:

    A perfect take on the theme!
    Did anyone post a pic of a soft ice-cream cone?

  18. pattimoed says:

    A beautiful choice, Janet! I loved the walk on the beach!

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