Everyday black and white 3…You turn me on!

Posted: March 12, 2021 in black and white
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Apparently WordPress has done one of its “let’s change things that aren’t broken and make it more difficult to do just routine posts” routines. When I went to WP admin, I didn’t find all the usual create new post/scheduled/trash/etc. At least I didn’t find “create new post”, which is what I wanted to do. Big fat sigh, masses of irritation, and another every day black and white for you for Friday. Enjoy!

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  1. Sheree says:

    Din’t you just hate that when it happens. Is it permanent or just WP gremlins?

  2. beth says:

    I wish they wouldn’t make these changes

  3. Excellent shot!
    On WP, that was a really disappointing surprise. No more good old dashboard and all they’ve done is add another menu inside ‘my home’ like the one already existing [left]. How is this making posting easier, I wonder. Also, we can no longer do bulk action to posts! Why do they feel obliged to change something that is working fine?!

    • First of all, Marina, thanks for mentioning you liked the photo. Most people got sidetracked by my WP problems and focused on those. 🙂 I don’t use complicated things on WP, so I’m usually fine, but it was disconcerting to have everything pretty much gone. Next visit, though, it had all come back, so who knows what was going on?


  4. Don’t you know you have to improve :-D, I have an issue with the notifications and logging in that I can’t solve, I just have to work around it.

  5. Ugh … you said it best – “let’s change things that aren’t broken and make it more difficult to do just routine posts” … Meanwhile, let’s see how I do. This is black and white but not monochrome.

  6. keeping us on our toes!! I usually just use the ‘Write’ button in the bar at the top right – fortunately that is still there – for now!

    • I’m used to seeing that too, but it was really weird and most of those normal buttons were just gone. They were back the next time, though, so I lived to blog another day. 🙂

      Thanks for the visit and comment, Laura, and enjoy your weekend.


  7. WP makes changes but doesn’t realize how the changes affect other parts of its system. There seems to be a lot of unintended consequences.

    • It’s like the movies where someone goes back in time and changes one little thing with catastrophic consequences in the present time. 🙂 The frustrating thing is that you can send them a question or comment and never get a response, although I know a few people who have heard back.

  8. I really struggle with things on my site…tags and categories not filtering from draft to publish, telling me I can’t edit my own posts to correct things, not being able to preview, not being able to publish, it’s a mess sometimes. Grrr.

    • What I don’t like is that something suddenly changes and why? And how do we find out, other than it just happening? I know a few bloggers who have been able to talk to someone at WP and get an answer. That’s never, ever happened for me so I no longer try.

      The good news is that the next time I got on, everything was back to the way it used to be. At least I’m used to that way. 🙂


  9. Ally Bean says:

    Nice photo, typical WP shenanigans. Happy Weekend, perhaps you can put WP out of your mind!

    • WP only got in my mind for that bit of time and the next time I got on it, everything was back to what passes for normal. Who knows what that was about? 🙂 You have a grand weekend as well, Ally.


  10. Gradmama2011 says:

    preaching to the choir … woe! singing my song :_)

  11. Su Leslie says:

    Switch off that light and have a wee lie-down. WP will still be hopeless afterwards, but at least you’ll be rested. Hope you have a good weekend

    • The weird thing was that when I returned the next time, everything was back to “normal.” Ah, WP. Just another glitch in the WP cosmos. I plan on having a good weekend, Su, and I hope you do as wlel.

  12. For simple blogging, I’d ready like to do the classic editor back. The blocks are great for page design but a pain in the Wazoo for blogging. Rant completed.

    I hear you, I can’t count the number of times when things just ‘change’. I spend hours trying to figure it out and it’s fine next time I log in.

    • WP does have a way of bringing out rants, but it’s their own fault, Ed. I’m fine with the block editor as I figured it out as best I could back soon after they said the classic was going away. But I don’t do anything very technical, otherwise I imagine it would be a different story.

  13. Resa says:


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