I’m going to fulfill two challenges with three photos today, Thursday Doors and Life in Colour: white/silver. This bank on Coronado Island, California even has some gold thrown in to go with the white surrounding it.

In the same waiting area where I spotted the elegant white vase, I found these very sleek, modern, silvery doors

Now for your bonus tiny door and tiny silver trailer. Yes, this is from Redondo Beach again but not from the same yard that had all the tiny doors. All you need is a tiny truck and you’re off for tiny places unknown. Enjoy!

  1. Sue says:

    Oh, brilliant set!

  2. Dan Antion says:

    Well done, Janet! I love that first door, and the tiny trailer is so darn cute, I want to get a tiny pickup truck for it.

  3. I’m captivated by the tiny door. LOVE it.

    • 🙂 I thought you’d enjoy one more tiny one. Next week I’ll have to abandon the wildly popular tiny doors and revert to more normal ones. But it’s been a good run.

  4. Great gallery, Janet. Love the tiny trailer. I’m sure it’s got an elf family living there.

  5. What an excellent compilation of photos to fit the exercise. I really like that gold trimmed bank doorway, and ordinarily I’m not a ‘bling’ kinda person.

  6. Heyjude says:

    Love the miniature silver bullet Airstream caravan!

  7. Ally Bean says:

    The Bank of Coronado is not to be missed, is it? Great photo, but wow

  8. Jet Eliot says:

    Wonderful to see two very different eras in the doors, Janet, and the adorable tiny little Airstream. Fun post.

  9. Jeshie2 says:

    The caravan is super cute! Do you like Redondo Beach? Jeshie2

  10. Excellent collection, Janet! That door of the bank is quite pretty and fancy. I love the tiny garden accessories. I may have to get some for my yard. They’re so cute!

  11. memadtwo says:

    That bank door is like the ultimate bank door. And the trailer is perfect! (K)

  12. Claudia DCD says:

    Love the fae trailer, even has a door behind it!

  13. Always love your doors. What a delightful set that ranges from elegant, to mysterious, to adorable.

  14. How appropriate for the bank to have gold surrounding its door. It certainly ‘enriches’ the entrance. That fab little Silverstream is my favourite of all your Redondo Beach doors. I love it, great find, Janet.

    • Thanks, Jean. The bank door’s pretty nice and “enriches” is certain a good word for it. The Airstream/Silverstream is definitely a winner.

  15. Teresa says:

    The small camper van is so cute!

  16. Hammad Rais says:

    Tiny we all are. But with big dreams and ambitions, we act mighty.
    Lovely captures 🙂

  17. That white and gold door is such a lovely find! Congratulations on winning the jackpot

  18. Resa says:

    Love the first doors…the bank doors. They are very elegant, Janet.
    This whole miniature art in yards is out-door art! 😀 Street art at its finest!