Thursday doors…Wyoming

Posted: September 2, 2021 in Thursday doors
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Thursday, the horses’ day off, is the day we creep down the mountain to encounter civilization once again. We drop off our recycling and garbage (no garbage pickup on the mountain!!), stop at Toyota to see if someone can pair my new older iPhone with my 2014 Toyota Sienna (the answer is, after man tries, no), then are off to Andi’s Coffee Shop for perhaps the best dark chocolate mocha I’ve had anywhere, a similarly good iced green tea for my husband, and free internet before other errands. As we walk around Sheridan’s main street, I spy a few doors to share for this week’s Thursday doors.

Back on the mountain, this distinguished older gentleman would love it if one of us would open this gate for him. Unfortunately, he’s meant to stay where he is.

  1. Sheree says:

    Good trio of doors- I particularly like the one with the dog though he does look a bit forlorn.

  2. Sounds like a absolutely perfect Thursday, and I love the tall red doors. I’ve never seen any like that.

  3. I really like the top two doors, and pouted at the shut gate and dog. Well, I would have scratched him behind the ears if he’d let me and just say Hi. 😀

    I want to try the coffee mocha now!

    • He’d love to be scratched and gets out quite a lot. But he was supposed to stay on the deck at that time.

      The barista told me she made the mocha the normal way but added cocoa powder (don’t remember if I mentioned that in the post) and it was so good and not sweet.

  4. Resa says:

    Lol! Love the dog’s door!

  5. marianallen says:

    Great doors, and I love that older gentleman. I hope he gets lots of pats to console him for having his mobility circumscribed.

  6. I love the bold colors and strong patterns as always, but the gatekeeper at the bottom is my favorite. 😉

  7. Dan Antion says:

    I really like that first door. The pup’s lool makes me want to open that gate.

  8. Wind Kisses says:

    I love the story that came with all your doors. I am not sure people realize that there really are place where you have to travel back to civilization. It is a nice feeling, most of the time. Nice photos. donna

  9. Prior... says:

    hi janet
    like the little bitty lock on those green doors
    and the red ones seem to have a rich background
    🐾🐾🐾the distinguished older gentleman – woof

    oh and to say that YOU found the best dark choc mocha is a big deal because you likely have so many around the world

  10. […] as I forgot Dan’s Labor Day break and posted last week as well. Here’s the link for the Wyoming doors from last […]

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