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Posted: January 13, 2022 in Thursday doors
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We’re taking a day break from the Chihuly exhibit (back tomorrow, though) to travel south to Tucson and the Tohono Chul botanical gardens. Membership at the Desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix comes with reciprocal admission to over 300 gardens throughout the U.S. so we decided to take advantage of that on one of the last days off my husband has for a bit. Little did we know what a gem this garden was! But more about the garden itself will have to wait until we’ve finished ooh-ing and aah-ing over Chihuly. For today, though, I have first a lovely set of doors leading into a inner courtyard and from there into the bistro. The left-hand one even has a bonus door.

I felt these doors had a very European feel to them but then the Southwest often takes a nod to Spain and similar European areas.

I also enjoyed this gate and the small specialized garden on the other side.

Tomorrow it’s back to glass but I hope you enjoyed the little side trip and that it whet your appetite for learning more about this wonderful garden.

Thursday Doors 1.13.21

  1. Prior... says:

    Indeed, Strong Southwest doors with that European vibe – 🙂

  2. Andrew Blair says:

    The one with studs in it looks Mediaeval

  3. Sheree says:

    Solid looking gate and doors

  4. Those doors look so heavy!

  5. Dan Antion says:

    I love the door within a door! These are great doors, Janet. I’ve been enjoying the pictures from your tour, the glass exhibits are amazing. I’m glad you took a break to share with Thursday Doors.

    • Good morning, Dan. Glad you’re enjoying the Chihuly because I have quite a few left. But I can’t miss Thursday Doors. I like that door within a door as well, although I didn’t notice it immediately as I was too busy taking the photo. 🙂

  6. Sue says:

    Good selection, Janet

  7. Ally Bean says:

    Beautiful doors. Your photos are magical.

  8. Very grand. Looking forward to more Chihuly.

  9. Emille says:

    Love “the look through” of the doors to the end. Can sense you have been travelling through your new state:) Good for you!

    • We’ve been to Tucson more than anywhere else but it’s only about an hour and a half or a bit more away with lots to see, making it inviting. There so much more to see, but as my husband doesn’t get many days off and now trying to take care of Mom, which means one of us every day, we can’t go too far.

  10. memadtwo says:

    I always like looking through arches. (K)

  11. JT Twissel says:

    I wish I’d known about that garden when we went to Tucson! Lovely iron gate.

    • It’s all about the Sonoran desert plants but they have all sorts of small gardens with themes, sculptures, a bistro with a menu that sounds delicious, and more. I hope you get a chance to see it another time.

  12. Isn’t that place beautiful!? And the tearoom is one of my favorite places to eat with my mom (or out of town family). I love your door photos!!

  13. I loved the image of the door with a view to the arched doorway. How wonderful that your hubby will go do garden tours with you! I’m not sure He-man would be so keen. 😀

  14. I loved the doors with the arches in the brick buildings. The door in a door is always eye-catching as well! Very nice!

  15. dennyho says:

    Beautiful robust doors!

  16. marianallen says:

    Oh, those doors and arches! I loved that little garden! It’s straight out of the scribe’s manor in my SAGE books!

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