Monday walk…neon in the neighborhood

Posted: January 31, 2022 in Art, Nature
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Almost at the end of the trail, literally and metaphorically as far as the Chihuly installation is concerned, we came across a number of these creations which turned out to be neon. At night they’ll be lit up, another thing to enjoy when we visit after dark. Imagine how striking they’ll be then!

To the left in the next photo, with the sun behind it, you’ll see one of our favorite things in the garden: a boojum tree. The “tree” is actually a succulent that Dr. Seuss would have been proud to have created. Who knows? Perhaps he did. Click here to view a couple funky giant boojums.

Never forget that the Chihuly sculptures are only beautiful guests in this garden. Here are a few more of the inhabitants. Don’t let the soft look of these deceive you. The little spines can hurt!

No subtlety here, just “stay out of my face” spines surrounding lovely, small flowers.

That’s our walk for today. Unfortunately you’ll have to provide your own refreshments but think of all the virtual calories you burned! 🙂

  1. restlessjo says:

    Thanks, Janet! Just managed to pick it up in time for today’s walk. Have a great week ahead!

  2. […] Monday walk…neon in the neighbourhood […]

  3. de Wets Wild says:

    Those little fluffy balls look quite appealing to pick up. My mom has those in her garden, have had them for as long as I can remember, and from dear experience I can vouch for the fact that they should be left well alone…

  4. peggy says:

    Such a display of art – wow. I know there are many wicked cactus out there in the dessert.

  5. Wind Kisses says:

    A quiet contemplative walk, I am sure. I always feel so calm when I walk through. And I always love to see what’s blooming.

    Continued prayers for your family. Donna.

  6. Dan Antion says:

    Those spikes puff balls look dangerous.

  7. His choice of bright colors through the gardens is part of the brilliance of his craft. Great planning and outstanding execution in so many ways.

  8. Love the spiky shapes, both glass and cactus!

  9. […] Monday walk…neon in the neighborhood […]

  10. That would be neat to see them lit up in the evening.

  11. Prior... says:

    thanks for the art walk, Janet
    we almost went to see the Chihuly reeds at our local museum — but couldn’t make it last week – maybe later this month
    in the meantime I will enjoy your shares from the desert installations –

    oh and dr Seuss surely made that tree (ha)

    • Be sure to go to see your Chihuly exhibit, Yvette. In the meantime, I’m happy that you’re able to share my time with his work.

      • Prior... says:

        well ours is one of the first permanent installations put in by the Chihuly team (because I think we all know he isn’t twisting all that glass on his own – if any – but his signature style and the company have wonderful output.
        and janet – I have so many memories of being near our Red Reeds – either with students on field trips – or night walks with the pond lit – or summer walks with the bright red and all the green foliage bringing vivid contrast
        — 🙂

      • Some years ago he lost full use of one arm so that he couldn’t hold the glass so he became the leader, inspirer, etc. his signature style is unmistakable and wonderful.

      • Prior... says:

        Oh I didn’t know that about his arm – but when I saw the documentary about how they got started and what it has become – it makes sense there are teams – and likely very structured to keep quality and branding in line