Monday walk…Here today, gone tomorrow

Posted: April 11, 2022 in Monday walk, Nature
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Today’s walk is only a few steps but I hope Jo will consider it as appropriate for the challenge. After all, how can anything this beautiful not count??

Although we have a torch cactus in our backyard, it’s a callow youth compared to the one below in my dad’s yard, a cactus at least three times bigger than ours. Yesterday it looked like this, with 3 or 4 flowers and a lot of buds.

Today when I went over, the flowers from yesterday were already wilted but the buds from yesterday were simply over-the-top magnificently in bloom!!

A closer look at these showy flowers gives you a glimpse of the interiors and a feel for the abundance of this many flowers about 8″ or so in diameter. I really have to keep myself from using exclamation points after every sentence because they’re really that dazzling.

I can never resist shots of the inner flower, unworldly in appearance. While our cacti has much smaller flowers as befits its younger, smaller size, I noticed that ours attract a number of bees, which I didn’t notice at Dad’s. Maybe that’s because we don’t spray our weeds and we also have lots of bushes with flowers on them. Last year our cactus bloomed about three times. I hope it works that way this year as well. But for now, enjoy these because tomorrow they’ll be gone or at least wilted.

  1. solaner says:

    Simply wow 👍

  2. Sue says:

    Just amazing!

  3. bushboy says:

    A great walk but boy am I tired….any margaritas 😂

  4. WOW, Beautiful. Thank you for sharing.

  5. Thanks for giving me a bit of something I’ve never seen in person – the spring blooms in the desert. The closing image is awesome! Have a good week, Janet.

  6. Gorgeous. Thank you for sharing.

  7. Ally Bean says:

    I know that cactus can have flowers on them, but to see them is amazing to me, a midwesterner.

  8. scr4pl80 says:

    Love that close up! There is a house down the street that has one of those in the front yard and it is amazing how quickly the flowers show up and then are gone.

  9. Cactus Flower was a great movie I saw back in the 60s. Your cactus flowers are beautiful.

  10. Those are beautiful! I can understand the impulse to add exclamation points everywhere, too.

  11. billgncs says:

    great photography as always !

  12. Amazing! I see plenty of cacti, but never in full bloom. I’m glad you were able to capture this so I could experience that same beauty. The macro is incredible!

  13. Gunta says:

    Oooh… you’re stirring a yearning for some desert scenes in me… 😊 Looks like the perfect time to catch that astonishing show the desert puts on when there’s some rain. Thanks for sharing these beauties!

    • I’m happy you liked these but they came without benefit of any recent accompanying rain. 🙂 The desert can put on quite a show, that’s for sure. Thanks for the visit and comment.


      • Gunta says:

        Hi Janet… I spent 14 years in Utah with many visits to red rock country and the surrounding deserts. I still have memories of occasions after a wetter than usual springtime when it seemed that all the cacti had burst into bloom everywhere we looked… in all the assorted colors. It’s a spectacle I’ll never forget. I suppose your lovely images brought back those memorable moments. I very much enjoyed them.

      • I’m glad the photos brought back good memories. When my husband isn’t working so much I’m looking forward to doing a lot more exploring in the Southwest. When I was young my family traveled a lot and we saw a lot of places in this area but most of them I’ve not been to since then. It will be an adventure. I also haven’t been to your part of the country for many years and I’m looking forward to exploring that again as well.

  14. de Wets Wild says:

    Oh wow, they are amazingly beautiful! Imagine seeing a colony of them in their desert home all blooming at the same time.

  15. restlessjo says:

    What a fantastic display, Janet! Truly beautiful. Thank you! 🤗💟

  16. Cacti are beautiful in their own way, but their flowers are so beautiful that it seems that they are lipstick painted on a pig. >grin<
    You have a lovely variety in your dad's yard. It didn't take long for them to come to full bloom. I think we left Arizona a week or two early this year. Desert blossoms are now in full swing, and we are awaiting a winter storm here in North Dakota.

    • Well put, John about the lipstick on a pig. 🙂 These come into bloom quickly and then are gone. I’m hoping to be able to get away to see what else is in bloom but we’re certainly not facing a snow storm, even though we’re facing a “cold snap”, with temperatures have dropping into the 70’s for a couple glorious days. But all too soon they’ll be gone and then into the 90’s. Sigh. I’m loving it now, though.

  17. The inner flower is stunning.

  18. Leya says:

    These are just wow, Janet! And the inner bloom looks almost just like my Princess of the Night!

  19. Marsha says:

    Janet, these really are showy. Too bad they wilt so quickly. I’m glad you were able to get some pictures. The inner flower looks like a waterslide. I don’t blame you for taking so many pictures. You have to take them when you can.

  20. Absolutely gorgeous, Janet! 🌞

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  22. Great shots! Never seen these flowers before, thanks for the introduction.

  23. Resa says:

    Splendid photos of a spectacular plant, Janet. Thank you!

  24. Wind Kisses says:

    Sure hit the jackpot with that one. It is amazing. I only people knew how delicate and temperamental the are, they would appreciate these photos even more. Love it!!!

    • Thanks, Donna. The flowers are the definition of ephemeral but the little spines are terrible!! There are dandelions growing at the base of a number of our cacti and I can’t get near enough to get them out. The leaves are stuck on the spines too!!

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  26. Teresa says:

    Awesome shots and my fave is the macro of the insides of the flower.

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