One Word Sunday: sea/see and Cellpic Sunday 5.8.22

And a happy Mother’s Day to all who are celebrating, whether biological moms or moms of the heart! You are loved and a great blessing.

  1. Debbie Smyth says:

    Brilliant! What more can I say?
    Have a wonderful Sunday, Janet

  2. bushboy says:

    Brilliant. I put them on and it was no better unfortunately 😂

  3. Tish Farrell says:

    That is a lovely greeting, Janet. Very touched by those words ‘moms of the heart’.

    • Although not every woman is a biological mom, I think many of those are moms to someone else and that’s special because it’s a choice.

  4. Gorgeous! I also love all the lines in your picture.

  5. happyface313 says:

    🙂 Can’t wait to see it in real life!!!
    Happy Sunday, dear Janet 🙂

    • I hope you can soon, Claudia. Won’t be long and I’ll see this again as well as that precious grandson (and daughter and son-in-law.). 😍

  6. I have my own glasses to see your sea photo!😅🤣 Hope you are having a wonderful Mother’s day!

  7. Sue says:

    Oh, to see the sea!

  8. So beautiful, and what a lovely perspective! I do miss the ocean, having always lived on the coasts before somehow ending up in Texas. Strange world.

    • I’m glad to share a little glimpse of it then. I feel a bit the same, suddenly living in the desert after the Midwest for most of my life.

  9. I always enjoy a day at the beach! Thanks for sharing!

  10. de Wets Wild says:

    I hope you had the most wonderful Mother’s Day, Janet!

  11. Hope you had a good Mother’s Day with your family!

  12. Amy says:

    Love, love your take on, Janet. Brilliant!!

  13. Resa says:

    Lol! It’s kinda hard to miss.
    Happy Mothers’ Day…belated.

  14. […] to everyone who shared some see or sea last week. Special thanks go to Janet for a brilliant combination of see and sea; to Brian for reflecting my image in his; and, to Caryl […]