Stop and smell the lavender

Posted: July 18, 2022 in flowers, Personal
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Lavender is one of my favorite scents although many scents that advertise themselves as lavender don’t really make the scent grade. They just smell artificial. One year when in Provence, my sister-in-law, our younger daughter, and I took a road trip to an area where the lavender grew. It had been harvested but the scent still lingered everywhere. I gleaned a number of stalks at the end of the rows and managed, through packing them in bubble wrap at the top of my checked bag, to get them home mostly intact.

The trip was memorable in other ways as we were in a Mini Cooper convertible with my daughter and my s-i-l’s large Rhodesian Ridgeback male in the back. Every time we hit a speed bump, they levitated. If the top was up, the dog was vying with my daughter for the most direct line to the air conditioning as it was a hot summer. It was quite funny.

I thought where we lived now in Arizona would be close enough in temperature and humidity (or lack thereof) to grow lavender but after a few failed attempts, I found out that there are three types: English, French, and Spanish and in our particular area, Spanish lavender is the way to go. Live and learn but take time to smell the lavender this week.

  1. restlessjo says:

    I love it too. I remember when we first bought this house planting some in the garden and it took over so we had to dig it out. I always stop and brush my fingers through it when I come across some.

  2. bushboy says:

    Trial and error always works in the garden. Lavender at Provence was amazing 🙂

  3. peggy says:

    Like your picture. Lavender is such a wonderful smell.

  4. I also love the scent of lavender, Janet! Glad to hear that the Spanish one grows there !

  5. I love lavender. I have a half a dozen plants. They do take a fair amount of maintenance in comparison to other perennials and tend to get woody. I keep trying though because I do love the fragrance.

  6. I love it as well. I think the Spanish variety is what I see growing here as well.

  7. I like the looks and the smell. I believe there are many species of lavender. There must be one for you! Good pic, Janet!

  8. Jodie says:

    I had no idea there were different types of lavender. But there is a lavender farm somewhere around, and I have it on my list to explore one of these days,

  9. Prior... says:

    Hi / I had Spanish lavender (from Trader Joe’s) earlier that year but gave it away and forgot to get some more – I sure wish lavender grew as easy as mint!

    • I wish that too! I could never get their basil to grow indoors so I finally planted one outside where it did well. I don’t understand why it will grow in their store but not in my house.

      • Prior... says:

        Yeah / I don’t know either
        And I can’t grow lavender from seed but I can grow lepers and basil and cucumbers easily from seed

        Oh and recently I wrote an article about skin care tips and in one section I mentioned how I lie to have lavender natural products on hand (body wash – shampoo and conditioner ) because on some days it can be such a refreshing treat (- and relaxes the nervous system)
        Oh and imagining the drive in the convertible was fun

      • I bought lavender soap in France and it smells so good! I started using soap rather than body wash because body wash comes in plastic bottles that have to be thrown away and soap doesn’t and also lasts forever.

      • Prior... says:

        I also prefer bars of soap – and good point about the plastics !
        And I also try to watch for the chemicals they sneak in to products and had a short season of being “lured” by labels and claims – ha
        But all natural for me –
        And again – good point with the bars vs body washes

  10. I know I’m an outlier, but I’m not crazy about lavender! I love the flower and the color, but the scent/flavor is not for me. I feel like I’m missing out based on everyone else’s fondness for it.

    • Perfectly fine, Hannah. There are things many other people like that I don’t. Keeps life interesting. How about jasmine? That’s another scent I love.

  11. de Wets Wild says:

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen a lavender bush that size!

  12. Sue says:

    I love lavender…I used to visit a walled garden where I used to live and the lavender in summer was marvellous – the scent

  13. susurrus says:

    Lovely lavender and your story made me smile.

  14. Leya says:

    So you found the right one eventually? I love lavender, and right now it is at its peak here. I am afraid it will not last for long this year as the heat is too much right now. Watering all the time…when I am not enjoying the scent.