Sometimes a girl just wants diamonds

Posted: November 26, 2022 in Six-Word Saturday
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Six-Word Saturday 11.26.22

  1. Andrew Blair says:

    Umbrella veins sans fabric.

  2. bushboy says:

    Absolutely beautiful janet 🙂

  3. eklastic says:

    😍 The “hammock effect” makes it extra special.

  4. AggieSoon says:

    Beautiful shot!

  5. Absolutely beautiful and amazing at the same time.

  6. GORGEOUS. This is so beautiful, it absolutely makes my whole brain light up. 10/10, I will always want these diamonds over any rocks.

  7. peggy says:

    Love spiderwebs with raindrop diamonds.

  8. Jet Eliot says:

    Such a lovely photo, Janet. I love all that things that make light sparkle, diamonds and dew drops, and this photo.

  9. Jessica says:

    Nailed it again! ❤️

  10. Amy says:

    Incredibly beautiful, Janet!!

  11. I really love this photo. Great capture!

  12. Resa says:

    Very pretty, Janet!

  13. That’s gorgeous! I have actually never seen a big spider web with water drops…guess I don’t get out early enough 😉

    • I always walk quite early, right at dawn if at all possible. This one was quite spectacular but with dew or rain drops you can see where all the webs are and they look so lovely.

  14. What a gorgeous image, Janet, hope you had a great Thanksgiving!

  15. It is a stunning photo Janet!

  16. belocchio says:

    Brilliant! Gorgeous! Magnificent! Breath taking beyond mere words.

  17. I love spotting these. I don’t see many here though.