Monday walk…into the heart of the wood

Posted: December 12, 2022 in Art, Monday walk
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Must preface this by apologizing for getting behind yesterday and not visiting many posts. Sometimes life happens.Nothing bad, just busy.

We have three more Popper sculptures to view before we leave Morton Arboretum, two today, the last tomorrow. Although this first might seem like “Split Personality” or “Two-Faced”, it is in reality nothing like either of those. According to the artist:

Recalling the inner rings at the centre of a tree trunk, Heartwood offers a lyrical meditation on the interconnectedness of humans and nature. While the work’s image might first appear fractured – with the bust of a woman cleaved in two – on closer looking, a resonant parallel becomes apparent. The heartwood of a tree marks its earliest growth and becomes, with the accumulation of annual ring, the plant’s spine; the wood dense and resistant to decay. 

The outer details are lovely too.

There were still a few flowers in bloom to go along with the autumn leaves.

You may or may not see the same meaning in “Basilica” as the artist did but even if not, it’s fine. Art is in the eye and heart and in the interpretation of the beholder.

Its title borrowed from the Greek word given first to places of gathering and later to those of worship, the work is an invocation to community and communion. While it may be without walls, with no ceiling but the sky, the artist lends Basilica’s two outstretched arms and the space they enclose the sacred resonance of a temple. 

On a very different artistic note, my husband and I have been watching lots and lots of rugby and one of the odd, funny things is that during or at the end of (or sometimes both) English matches and at least some of the 7’s tournaments, Neil Diamond’s “Sweet Caroline” is played. It’s not just at rugby matches but the “good times never seemed so good” and the opportunity to belt out “So good, so good, so good” and “ba, ba, ba” has made it a favorite of a number of sporting events. That’s what I thought of when seeing this sculpture as it’s certainly reaching out. 🙂 My husband and I sing right along when whenever we hear it but I did not sing out loud this day. 🙂

Jo’s Monday Walk 12.12.22

  1. Both the sculptures are amazing Janet! They are quite big too!

  2. restlessjo says:

    They’re beautiful, aren’t they? At first sight I wasn’t sure, but they won me over. Funny about the Neil Diamond song. I was in the kitchen yesterday evening and heard a noise blaring from the living room. It was, as you say, Sweet Caroline. I’m not sure which sport…

  3. Sofia Alves says:

    Lovely artworks 🙂

  4. Oh wow. Love the art and its uniqueness! So good, so good, so good!

  5. peggy says:

    These are wonderful Janet. This is unique art and takes quite a lot of skill to create.

  6. Sue says:


  7. Hammad Rais says:

    The split face is certainly amazing 🙂

  8. pommepal says:

    I’m always fascinated by artists amazing imagination and wonder how they think their ideas up. I love both these sculptures I can imagine walking round and round them to get the full effect. Neil Diamond is a favourite of mine from back in the 70’s and his music always brings back memories. Interesting to hear it is now a sort of sporting anthem…

  9. Wow. The beauty in the sculptures and the location itself is truly arresting. I find myself mesmerized by the images; I feel like it would be hard to leave this place in person.

  10. Dan Antion says:

    I liked looking at these images, Janet.

  11. tootlepedal says:

    The sculptures are certainly worth looking at.

  12. DeWetsWild says:

    I hope you also jump up every time with arms in the air every time you hear the words “Sweet Caroline!” No? Only me then?

  13. Amy says:

    Beautiful sculptures. They also send out messages.

  14. Marsha says:

    That is a great song. I’m sure millions are going ba ba ba all over the world 24/7 because there are so many sporting events worldwide. I love these sculptures, too. What a fabulous artist.

  15. S Greene says:

    Both sculptures are incredible! The details are amazing! Thank you for sharing, and happy holidays 😊

  16. drolan says:

    Art is defined in effortless state 🗝️♥️

  17. Kate Gough says:

    wow do i love those hands!… beautiful.

  18. […] Monday walk…into the heart of the wood […]

  19. Wind Kisses says:

    Interesting, curious.

  20. kiangablog says:

    I love these works of art. The two half faces are powerful, and you have captured them so well with your choice of angle. Like you say art is open to interpretation and the one with the outstretched hands made me think at first it was something to do with slavery because the parts at the back look like chains.
    I have noticed in Australia as well a resurgence in singing Neil Diamond’s “Sweet Caroline”! It must be over 30 years ago I saw the man himself performing at the Rod Laver Arena in Melbourne. Great concert.

    • I hadn’t thought of that interpretation but I can see how you thought of it.

      I would have enjoyed seeing Neil Diamond in concert as I really enjoy his music. My sister-in-law took my mother-in-law to see him some years ago as my m-i-l really liked him. We did get a good laugh out of that.

      Thanks for the visit and comment.