We continue to wander in the garden

Posted: January 3, 2023 in Nature
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As we strolled through Anderson Japanese Garden in Rockford, Illinois, we heard a regular bump which, when we got closer, came from this water installation. As the water filled up the bottom “pipe”, the pipe dipped down, hitting the stone, making the noise. The regular clunking grew monotonous rather quickly. It looked pretty though.

Let’s move on and enjoy some fall color in yellow/gold. These memories of early November are especially appreciated as we had an unusual day of rain yesterday, although the rain in the dry Southwest was greatly appreciated!

More color with a sculpture in the background.

A gentle Oriental reflection.

Finally a little closer for some browns, blue-greys, and lovely lines.

  1. bushboy says:

    A wonderful and colourful post 🙂

  2. Beautiful colors, but the blues are a pleasant surprise.

  3. Alison says:

    Such glorious colours

  4. peggy says:

    Very lovely. I can picture you walking around these gardens for hours. I loved the reflections in the water.

  5. It looks so lovely, and I can almost hear that bump of the fountain.

  6. I could always go for a walk in that garden. It’s so incredibly serene, I feel such a sense of peace even vicariously through your photos.

  7. restlessjo says:

    That water feature is known as a deer scarer, Janet. I don’t know how effective it would be in that respect. We had one in our English garden for a while but we didn’t have any deer!

  8. tootlepedal says:

    I liked the last two pictures in particular.

  9. These are wonderful images of this garden .. Beautiful and colorful plants. Thanks for sharing this Anita

  10. Leya says:

    Colourful and beautiful!

  11. I love those types of pipes. The other photosyou have up look like it is a amazing place.

    • I prefer the pipes that don’t bang down over and over, with just the water sound. 😉. The garden is an amazing place.

      Thanks for the visit and comment.


  12. That’s an interesting little water feature, but I do bet it’s like the constant tinkles of wind chimes. I still might like one in my garden, though. Beautiful photos!

  13. zumayonow says:

    The colours are so rich, and the composition just beautiful! Really lovely photos.