Janet has left the park.

Posted: January 24, 2023 in Nature
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Elvis left the house and I had my last day in the park. I’m always sad to leave, especially when it will be months until my next visit. But I took along the joy of the beauty I constantly find there, perhaps the more cherished because of not being able to visit often anymore.

(Early November 2022)

  1. bushboy says:

    Lovely final photos janet 🙂

    • Thanks, Brian. I’m now getting to the photos I took on the way home, which will get me up to mid-November of last year. 🙂 Always nice to have something to post, though.

  2. restlessjo says:

    That joy will always be there, Janet. Amusingly there’s a tiny lane in one of the villages here called Elvis Presley Boulevard 🤣💗

  3. Sue says:

    Some great captures, Janet!

  4. macmsue says:

    Gorgeous images.

  5. Like holidays, it wouldn’t be as special if you had it everyday. 🙂 Looks like you certainly made the most of your time there!

    • Hannah, I was there 2 1/2 weeks not including driving time and the entire visit was just perfect. For a number of years when we lived in Naperville I had it as often as I wanted and loved it. Now it’s even more special.

  6. You found a lot of beauty. What type of yellow berries are those?

  7. Beautiful farewell, Janet. Safe travels!

  8. Lovely photos Janet!

  9. Amy says:

    Beautiful series, Janet! Love how you capture the back light especially.

  10. Cute riff on the Elvis saying, Janet.

  11. tootlepedal says:

    A suitably elegiac set of pictures. I thought that they were really excellent.

  12. CurlsnSkirls says:

    My favorite time of year — love that red leaf!

  13. Beautiful! I especially love the 2nd and 3rd photos, Janet!

  14. DeWetsWild says:

    These’ll sure tide you over to the next visit!

    • 🙂 Those are a small fraction of the photos that bring me happiness and good memories, Dries, while still enjoying the very different beauty around me now. Best of both worlds!

  15. Leya says:

    These are so beautiful – and I am also a fan of backlit photos. I cannot resist them! The last one with all the leaves is gorgeous. And I can feel the same about leaving a place I love, even if I’ll be back some day.

    • I love backlighting as well, A-C, and being there at dawn made it much easier to find opportunities to catch it. 🙂 I spent so much time there when we lived nearby that it became the place of my heart in that area, where I went to relax and enjoy nature. Even though there are lovely places here, I still miss it but in a good way, if that makes sense

  16. Resa says:

    Gorgeous shots!
    You’ll be back!

  17. Wind Kisses says:

    The tranquility of the forest in autumn…and “home”.