Parking garage art

Posted: March 14, 2023 in Art
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Our daughter and son-in-law enjoy coffee and I enjoy street art so our interests coincided one morning in a parking garage where we made a stop for a caffeine fix. Question. Is it street art when it’s not actually along the street? No matter. It was fun to see whatever you call it.

Naturally I had to get out of the car for photos but as it was under the building, not only was whatever sunlight came in a factor but those pesky cars that insist in parking in parking garages caused me to have to squeeze in front of several of them, hence the angle and light in some of the shots. I like them all but the dolphins are my favorite.

As far as the coffee shop and its caffeine-seeking clients are concerned, the best art is probably this one (which apparently wants you to have your coffee in Joshua Tree National Park.) All in all, it was a good way to start the day.

  1. restlessjo says:

    Darned annoying of those cars, Janet!

  2. Nice, but the cars are so many times ruining the photos

  3. Applause to the talented artist(s). Nice wall art pieces.

  4. Amy says:

    I really enjoy these street arts! Love these two happy dolphins. 🙂

  5. I like the pier one the best followed by the dolphins. What cool and fun art in the parking garage! It’s so much better than gray concrete bare walls.

  6. scr4pl80 says:

    I’m impressed by how neat and clean they are. I would have thought in a parking garage they’d get pretty dirty. Nice job overcoming the obstacles.

  7. Oh you’d love all the street art here! There’s another new mural on every block.

  8. tootlepedal says:

    That would make parking a pleasure.

  9. DeWetsWild says:

    Parking garages can be dreary places – not this one!

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