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Grace, at dVerse, challenges us to write a poem about bread, whether real or as a metaphor for something equally important and delectable.  I offer you my paean to a simple substance that has sustained humans for many delicious years.


In a world of carb-avoiders and bread-deniers,
I remain staunchly one who,
   when a loaf or roll is ready for the knife,
   cannot contain myself until the topping
   (butter, jam, honey)
   is ready before diving in
   to that first glorious bite!

Sometimes I crave bread 
   the way an addict craves drugs,
   needing it,
   dreaming of it,
   salivating for it.
No sugarplums dance through my head
   but crusty loaves,
   the aroma surpassing that of the costliest perfume.

Years ago,
   when our girls were young,
   we bought a bread machine,
   that first loaf, 
   by my husband’s reckoning,
   a costly one at $250 plus ingredients,
   the next, half that price.
And so it halved
   until a crusty French bread,
   not taken out and shaped to a baguette
   but tasting just the same,
   simple water, flour, salt, sugar, and yeast turned into edible paradise,
   tallied a mere twenty cents or so.

Ingredients placed into the machine the night before,
   we wakened to that blissful scent for months,
   until that dark day when our senses
   (now accustomed to the smell)
   no longer registered its fragrance 
   and we were left, beggered, with mere taste.

Victoria for dVerse sets this challenge:

“For today’s prompt, I invite you to pen a poem that uses something related to an art technique as a metaphor to deliver your message. And I double-dog dare-you to include a photo of your own work in whatever medium you play with.”

Here’s my response.

Making of each day
Imagine, cut, heat, bend, solder
Colors of your life


I took a class in stained glass many years ago and came away with this one creation.  These days my art is in photography and words, but this one piece still makes me happy.