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Mornings are cold at the park now, especially until the (ray, a drop of golden) sun hits.  But by the time I turned down this part of the path, I was warm enough to think about unzipping my jacket just a bit.  I hadn’t see anyone or anything other than birds, when I raised my eyes and saw something looking back at me (a name I call myself).

I immediately stopped, eased my phone out (no, I didn’t have my Nikon, more’s the pity), zoomed in, and took this first photo.

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I stood still for a few minutes, then slowly and with camera still at the ready, walked slowly towards her.  Then I saw it.  Look just to the left of her, behind the bushes, and you’ll see it, too.


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Let sleeping dogs lie.

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Posted: June 12, 2018 in Animals
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Although it makes for adorable photos, little rabbits shouldn’t let people get so close to them. After taking this shot, I startled the little one away, hoping to make it not hang around so long in the future.  It’s the time of year for young things and I’ve seen goslings (already past the cute stage and rather big) and ducklings (almost never past the cute stage and much more shy than geese and offspring.)  But bunnies are about my favorite, I think.

Yup, this fellow is definitely awake and ready for action!

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Hear it here:

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