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My brother and his family have a dachshund named Beau, who loves to run madly ’round and ’round their living room, eventually stopping and flopping to the floor on his side.  He doesn’t have very far to flop!  But his best and most amusing trick, although I doubt he thinks of it as a trick, is to jump up on their couch, wriggle his way in between the back cushions and fall asleep.  We are definitely amused!  🙂 (more…)

Friday Fictioneers is a weekly fun-fest that consists of writing a 100-word
story, poem or introduction to a story

  based on a picture prompt posted by Madison Woods.
This week’s intriguing picture is by Lora Mitchell.
If you’d like to read or join in, click on the little link at the end of this story and get ready for some fun. (more…)

There’s a family at our farmer’s market who sells pork, beef and chicken, without hormones or antibiotics, sausages and other products with no MSG or nitrates, eggs with dark yellow yolks that stand up when you cook them and, lately, breakfast sandwiches at the market, all of which taste amazing.  But their story is even more interesting.  They have seven children, six of whom are adopted.  They started with  a small farm (a cow, a pig and some chickens) to help reach foster and adoptive children and somehow along the way, ended up with a full-blown family and farm.  This is New Creation Farm, (, a wonderful place for children to grow up, be loved, and learn to work. (more…)

While in Wyoming, my dad and I got to talking about the farm where my dad grew up and my brother and I enjoyed many good times.  I talked about some of my memories in a previous post,  Here are some more memories. (more…)

Book-related beauty, inspiration and humor.  Had to share more of these.  Perfect for the weekend when you’ll hopefully having some reading time.  Once again, thanks, Belcastro Agency!!  Check them out on Facebook and get these daily. (more…)

(Not sure why the pictures didn’t show up when the first time this posted, but let me try this again and sorry for the weirdness.)

I looked into this and found it happened two years ago at a Russian zoo.  Since I found it in a number of places on the internet, I don’t think I’m violating anyone’s copyright to share these pictures, which are too cute not to share.  (Thanks, Ann, for sending them to me yesterday.)  If you’d like to see thirty pictures instead of just these, please click on this link, (more…)

Yes, Janie liked to play.  But more than that, she invented her own game, involving the two of us! (more…)

Janie was, as a gambler in Vegas, always a player.  But in her case, there were no losers, only winners…and a great deal of  laughter.  Oh, yes…and Janie was a dog. (more…)

My sister- and brother-in-law raise prize-winning Rhodesian Ridgebacks in the south of France.  There was a litter of puppies recently (thirteen of the little cuties) and here are a few pictures.  Their kennel is Imkahena,   Enjoy! (more…)

“I’m going to come home one night and she’ll bite me,”  Bill grumbled.   That was his reaction to the news that we were foster family to a rescue pit bull named Janie. (more…)