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The WordPress gremlins are at it again. I edited the title this morning and just now realized all my words are missing as well as my two videos. Grrrrrr!

Anyway, to try again as well as recap…when I walk in the park, I always look for something interesting, a search sometimes rewarded with something out of the ordinary, sometimes “just” flowers and other beautiful things.

As you can see, behind the fence at the top of the spillway, next to the path are a plethora of flowers.

When I got to the point on the path where I usually go back the same way, my small, still voice told me to take the path by the river. I’ve learned to listen to this voice and once again was rewarded. A small herd of deer was walking along in the water!

The fawns were having a great frolic and even a buck or two caught the spirit.

I was standing completely still, somewhat surrounded by tall grass and bushes, but these two were still sure I was an alien. (Of course they were right.)

This guy wanted a drink badly but just couldn’t quite relax enough to take it, poor deer.

Finally everyone left the river, walking into the underbrush. One doe and her two fawns went further up the river first, the fawns leaping incredibly high over grasses.

I left with a heart overflowing with joy at the unexpected beauty as well as the usual wonders.

for Jo’s Monday Walk

Art about the town isn’t just the perquisite big cities. It’s popping out everywhere including Sheridan, Wyoming, one of Wyoming’s largest cities at under 20,000. When our younger daughter and I went to town one day, she asked to walk past the mural across from the library. Here are a couple shots from that, starting with her doing something I couldn’t do, even if I weren’t taking a photo.


When at our cabin, there’s no phone service, so if we want to make a call, we have to walk to the “phone booth”, high on a ridge where we can look out over a good part of eastern Wyoming. A satellite phone will work, but being without phone service is one of the joys of vacation there.

The walk to the phone booth is a bit over a mile each way, but at 7200′ and in the mountains, it’s not like a walk in the park. Additionally, there are attractive nuisances in every direction. My method is look down, look out, look down, look out; repeat often. If you wander off the path, it doesn’t matter, just keep heading in the right direction. Let’s go!



Yes, it’s time once again for the Corn Palace in Mitchell, South Dakota at the end of day one of my trip from Illinois to Wyoming. After about 8 hours of driving, I was ready to stop and relax, so after checking in to the motel, I drove to the Corn Palace to see what this year’s theme was. All the pictures are made using corn, other grains, and grasses. I also stopped by the small framer’s market in the open area next door.

This year’s theme is a salute to the military.


I’m not sure if Jo’s walking today, but we’re on a mission to find good food no matter what.  Tighten your seat belts because we have to drive to our walk today at col du Mont de Fourche…unless you’d like to cycle to the top of a pass once part of the Tour de France.  Or you can give this big boy bike a try.

Usually our walks end with a tasty bite.  We’re going to turn that around: start and end with a walk and focus on the food in between.  Be a rebel with us!


One of our voyages of exploration in the Haute-Saône led us to an interesting trifecta:  a chapel, a church, and a chalot in Saint-Bresson.  The chapel is what originally caught our attention and caused us to pull over.

© janet m. webb

The chapel Saint-Brice, neogothic style, dates from the nineteenth century. There was, in Saint-Bresson, a very old chapel dedicated to Saint Brice. During a cholera epidemic, Father Cardot vowed to St. Brice to repair the chapel if cholera did not return. The work was completed in March 1856.
(All quotes are from Wikipedia, courtesy of Google Translate.)


Sometimes our drives in France begin with a destination in mind.  Others are voyages of discovery, as we load the dogs and head of in a general direction to see what we can find.  On this day, we headed for the hills.  Any time our drives include mountains/hills, my soul rejoices.  🙂

© janet m. webb

While the dogs ran around and had a drink, I drank in the view.

© janet m. webb

With everyone back inside, we were off, but not for long.  Shortly after, we spotted a discovery, a little chapel, and veered into the parking area for a look.  Dogs get to stay inside for this one.  Worshipers have to come from some distance, but what a view!

© janet m. webb