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I know today is Thursday and the doors I was going to feature are in my folder, but I just can’t do it.  They should have been done last night, but life has gotten too busy at the moment and when I realized this morning that I hadn’t gotten them into a post and that I don’t have time in the next few days to respond to comments or visit all the posts I want to see, I decided enough is enough.  Life has to be lived and work obligations met and especially in this season, I don’t want to be any more overwhelmed than need be.

So I’m taking a few days off, but leaving you with this shot from my Monday walk in the park.  It’s a sort of “light at the end of the tunnel” photo, in a place you’ve seen at least several times on the blog before, once with fog at the end, once with a deer and rabbit silhouetted halfway down.  Enjoy the beauty and the symbolism.  Take time to enjoy the season and I’ll see you soon.  Feel free to chat, as I’ll have a bit of time here and there to check and I’ll miss that.

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You see plenty birds perching on the tops of houses, but you don’t often see a duck there.  I decided to have a little editing fun with this photo of a duck atop the house across the street.  If I were channeling my inner Andrew Wyeth, it might have looked like this.

© janet m. webb

It’s Sunday night and I’m really glad to finally be sitting down!  Originally I was going to have the entire weekend off from work.  However, my boss needed another person to work our table at CoffeeCon and I said I’d work.  That was Saturday 8-4 (almost the entire time on my feet).  Then today after church, I whipped out, ate lunch on the drive over, arrived at noon, headed back to church at 4:40 for our Spook-ghetti Dinner (which I was helping with) and arrived back home about 8 pm.  Phew!

CoffeeCon was fun.  Although I don’t really drink coffee except as a mocha or cappuccino, I flogged a lot of chocolate for our shop.  I’ll also tell you that Grey Goose vodka mixed with cold brew coffee makes an awesome drink that’s not a bad way to start the morning!!  (Table across from us.)  🙂

What does this have to do with insect houses?  Nothing other than the fact that I need a blog post and the insect house is it.  I’ve never seen one of these in the US, but I’ve seen a number while in France and I find them fascinating.  Here’s what one looks like.


No, LeBron James* isn’t dead and hasn’t quit basketball.  But his memory is now secure as one of the all-time-greats…although perhaps not for what you might think, thankfully!!

Sports figures are often remembered by statistics:  so many goals, that many championships, how many stolen bases, this many Tour wins, so much money made.  All too often, it seems, their private lives are full of statistics more like those of the famous people known for…well, being “famous”, infamous, scandalous, obnoxious, or for not really much of anything worthwhile.

LeBron James isn’t one of the latter.  Yeah, fans in Cleveland went ballistic when he left for Miami, burning ridiculously priced jerseys (tell me again, whom exactly that hurt?), dripping vitriol on sports talk radio shows, and tweeting all manner of hateful remarks.  (Of course, when he came back, all was forgotten.) And yeah, he has the stats.


This is me after trying to figure out how to free up space on my Google Drive (or whatever) so that I don’t have to buy more space.  My photos are supposed to be syncing up in High Resolution rather than Original, giving me unlimited storage.  But they seem to refuse to do so.  Naturally, I find this out about 45 minutes before having to go to work and again after coming home when wanting to go to bed.  Hence the “photo.”  🙂

Happy Monday!

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I’d planned to participate in Jo’s Monday Morning Walk, but after getting home from work and then having to resolve a computer issues, I’m beat and need to go to bed. So instead, I’ll share this bit of wisdom gleaned from the ramen restaurant where we ate on our first night in LA after getting picked up from the airport. The food was delicious, BTW.  Today I hope you have time to sit, eat, and be happy!

I love Dr. Suess’ books and his first,”To Think That I Saw It On Mulberry Street”, is no exception.  The young protagonist of the book dreams about what to tell his father what he saw on his walk, each thought more elaborate than the previous one.  What does he end up telling his father?  You’ll have to read the book to find out.

My last walk in the park wasn’t filled with sightings of any mythical or fantastic creatures.  Birds were the only animals I saw and the woodpecker I spotted was too high for my iPhone to capture clearly.  But I did see a few interesting sights.  The first was this abandoned bird’s nest, a very small one, about the size of my cupped hand.

© janet m. webb

What I found in this tree was a bit more unusual.  Who knew these things grew literally on trees?  And to think that I saw it in McDowell Forest Preserve.

(At first I thought this was a lid for a travel mug, but it might be the cover for one part of binoculars or a lens cap of some sort that was dropped and someone put it here after finding it)

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