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Today we had a bit of mother-daughter time, starting at Mitsuwa Marketplace, where we ate at the food court before doing some shopping.  Megan had a Gabbuto burger of sliced BBQ pork between two rice patties serving as a bun.

photo(329) (more…)

Le Chocolat du Bouchard, Naperville, Illinois (,  a bit of Paris in the Midwest and the perfect place for a chocolate fix on a cold winter afternoon.  Come sit with us, relax, enjoy a chocolate drink and a treat.  (Theadora Brack, this is for you.  If any of you are interested in Paris or are planning a trip, drop by her blog at  You love it.) (more…)

A true warrior, like tea, shows his strength in hot water.” – Ancient Chinese proverb

The Philadelphia Museum of Art is filled with lovely things, but after several hours of browsing, my sister-in-law and I were ready for a break. (more…)

(I have to admit that it’s a bit difficult doing posts while so much suffering is going on in so much of the country.  I know that not posting wouldn’t help, but anything not storm-related seems so trivial.  However, life does go on, so here’s something light for those difficult times.)

I love hats and I have lots of them.  But ever since I started singing with praise team on Sunday mornings, I can’t wear my hats to church.  However, I still have them and can’t wait to start wearing them somewhere, although not in the constant rain in NE Ohio.  It’s been raining since Friday so the only hat I’ve been wearing is either my snazzy black London Fog rain hat or my Wyoming cap.  And of course, I have cowboy hats for riding in Wyoming.  Here, however, are a few of my favorite dress hats; for holidays, church, an upscale restaurant, high tea or a show. (more…)

Some days I just can’t stand any more. (more…)

Our younger daughter and I were doing one of our periodic exploration and drooling sessions at a nearby antique shop when we spotted a beautiful, elegant tea set from Germany. We ooh-ed and aah-ed over it, then went home, leaving me to wish I’d bought it. (more…)

While I was tossing about possible blog posts this afternoon, my mind went into mental free fall, wandering every which way.  (Note to self: a good day to remember that not all who wander are lost.)  My brain’s a mishmash of “stuff” today–lists for Megan going to school at the end of the month, lists for vacation (almost here), lists of food to buy for a week of being in the mountains with town a long, difficult drive away, trying to remember everything I don’t want to forget long enough to write it down.  Wishing I could just transport ala Star Trek from Cleveland to Naperville to Wyoming with everything I needed; then relax and do only things I want to do.  Every time I sit down to take a break, before my seat touches the chair, I think of seven more things I need to do, hop up again and collect something, start another list, or add to a current one.

My brain on super-nova overload!


It’s a rainy evening (thankfully) and my fancy turns to food.  But in the heat, not too much sounds good.  Don’t despair! There are plenty of healthy and simple choices even when it’s hot…and for tea on a hot afternoon, or for dessert, chocolate cherry whole wheat scones.  Join us! (more…)

I feel a bit playful today, so here’s a little more iPad Photo Phun (or Foto Fun) to start off your over-the-hump day.  May it be a wonderful and blessed day! (more…)

Hunger is the best sauce in the world.  ~Cervantes

My husband says this all the time and it’s moved into our family lexicon.  But it’s true; hunger is the best sauce.   Here are some favorite food pictures and food sayings…all calorie free for you today. Indulge.  It’s summertime and the living is easy and delicious! (more…)