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The first stop on our roundabout road to trip to Philadelphia was in Illinois where we enjoyed time with good friends. On our way to a rousing theater production of “School of Rock”, I just had time to grab several shot of this power box where some witty artist created artistic doors out of some real doors.

On the way back from Galena on another day (see previous posts with photos of flowers here and here), we stopped for a welcome brew at Pig Minds Brewing Company in the Rockford area. Besides good beer, I found this interesting door, which made me beer-y happy or maybe drunk with delight. Cheers to Thursday Doors!

Our almost three week road trip started with two long days on the road to stay with friends in Illinois. ON one of those days, we strolled the streets of Galena, Illinois, a town filled with lovely old buildings and of course buildings, old or new, all have doors. While a brown door sounds a bit boring, the details can make all the difference. Let’s see what Galena has to offer.

Notice the mailbox in this first shot.

Green accents and whoops, an inavertent dorfie.

Contrasting panels and doorknobs lift this door beyond the usual. There were so many delightful businesses behind these doors. We had lunch, browsed a kitchen-themed store where I bought some gifts, picked up a variety of root beers for tasting later, and scored lots of door photos. But time with friends was best of all.

Welcome to June.

Thursday Doors 6.1.23

I’ve been archive trawling, yielding three doors, although very different styles, that range from Costa Rica to Louiville, Kentucky to St. Charles, Missouri. Full disclosure: one is a gate serving as a door. Welcome to Thursday Doors, where we travel the world in search of interesting doors.

In 2014 when our older daughter gifted me a week-long trip to Costa Rica for Christmas (perhaps the most unexpected gift ever), we took quite a few breaks at Cafe Milagro where you could get wonderful coffee, delicious food, or a cold lime drink, life-savingly refreshing on a hot day. They also sported a cheerful mix of colors.

This part of St. Charles hearkens back to much earlier days and styles in the US.

I guess this door is also part of a very unexpected gift, but from both our girls. They gave us several days at a beautiful bed-and-breakfast in Louisville, Kentucky. This was part of the top floor that was for us. We had a wonderful time and the owners treated us to samples of Kentucky bourbon when they found out we enjoyed Scotch. The two are related in both being types of whiskey/whisky but the former is from (where else) Kentucky while the later can only be made in Scotland. Cheers.

Thursday Doors 5.4.23

Southern California is a great place to catch sight of classic vehicles. The lack of snow and salt on the roads gives longer life to the classics as you’ll see here and of course they all have doors.

Whether you discover doors on houses, cars, or elsewhere, you’re always welcome to share them on Thursday Doors. Click on the highlighted link to make your way to Dan’s blog where he hosts Thursday Doors almost every Thursday of the year.

Just some doors I had hanging around, waiting to be noticed. So they’re on notice this week, just as I get ready to drive back to southern California for the weekend. Which door is your favorite this week?

Dan, I’ve mentioned this before, but I really appreciate that you put the link out the day before. It makes life for those of us not in our time zone SO much nicer, so thanks again for that! And not without further ado, the doors and a bonus gate.

Thursday Doors 4.20.23

Last week I forgot to continue the current tiny doors series so I’m remedying that today. After looking at the doors, we can stop at Sweet Wheat for a French pastry and some coffee before strolling to the beach. Who’s in?

Thursday Doors 4.6.23

Taking a dip in the archives today to feature some Hermosa Beach beach-side doors from an earlier trip to California. There was some lovely glass and you even get a bit of a selfie with the ocean in the background, something I didn’t realize was happening at the time. It felt like a California day here today (Wednesday): 83 for the high, beautiful weather for sitting outside with a beer. Happy Thursday!

Thursday Doors 3.30.23

Many of you will be happy to know that the tiny house yard in Redondo Beach featured some new structures when we strolled by with Ryland and fortified with coffee and goodies from Sweet Wheat. The door of this first one seems rather small compared to the rocks making up the house. Anyone else flashing on the Rock Monster on Galaxy Quest???

Here you get three doors (including the one for the mailbox) as well as a fairy.

It’s key to note that the music store could use a good cleaning. I think we’re all in a-cord about that, aren’t we? 🙂 You also get a bonus tiny, tiny door in the background! More tiny doors over the next few weeks.

Dan’s serving up leftovers at his place today. They’re always tasty so be sure to visit and bring your appetite for doors!

There’s a lot of street art in Redondo Beach and Hermosa Beach, which is great. This underwater sea-ne adorned the side a building not far from our B&B. And yes, of course, there were doors. 🙂 Much better than looking at the blank side of a boring building, right?

Thursday Doors 3.16.23

Our California vacation didn’t turn out exactly as planned (understatement!) but I did manage to find two more power-full doors that I thought you might like. After deciding to use the slider, I had a moment of panic when I couldn’t find it, only to realize it’s called “image compare.” 🙂 As we were in southern California, our son-in-law surfs (not pictured on this first box!), and maybe because these boxes featured surfboards, a reference to the Beach Boys seemed apropos.

You get a bonus skateboard in this second set. A side note: one of the locations mentioned in “Surfin’ USA” is Redondo Beach, home of these boxes and our family.

If everybody had an ocean
Across the U.S.A
Then everybody’d be surfin’
Like Californi-a
You’d see them wearing their baggies
Huarache sandals too
A bushy bushy blond hairdo
Surfin’ U.S.A

Thursday Doors 3.9.23