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I wasn’t the only one at the park on Friday. This guy was having a great time. I have been too, meeting with two more friends today. How’s your week been so far? It’s hard to beat being busy with friends.

Ornamental pink

Posted: April 23, 2021 in Uncategorized

At the Naperville farmer’s market, there were a number of these ornamental kale out in early spring, just in time to catch some snow. They were rather spectacularly bright as well. We had a few of these in our garden in Ohio as well. They add a lot of welcome color.

for Squares: bright and Life in Colour: pink

Day 1 of being away and relaxing. Ahhh. I’ll get back to everyone who comments and wish you a most happy Friday.

Let’s fly back to Flagstaff again this week where perhaps we can escape our week of temperatures in the 90’s (Fahrenheit, of course.) Besides the doors we’ve already seen in previous posts, this mural hides a few more, two in fact. Let’s look a little closer.

It’s easy to get distracted by the mural, sort of like not seeing the forest for the trees.

But what an amazing forest! Very appropriate for the side of a theater/theater, don’t you think?

for Thursday Doors 4.8.21

Two challenges, one photo

Posted: April 7, 2021 in Uncategorized

Of course we have Becky’s Squares all month and now Jude has announced her colour/color for April: pink. In the interest of posting only once a day whenever possible, I offer you this bit of spring pink from our life in Illinois. And if you think this worked out well, wait until Saturday when in the spirit of being all things to all people, I’m also going to add Six Word Saturday and meet three challenges with one photo. šŸ™‚ Small joys.

for Squares: bright and Life in Colour: pink

We’re back in Flagstaff today for some red doors and an historic building that might be yours. As an added bonus, you get three doorfies. šŸ™‚

If you have a spare $4,300,000 to spare, you can buy this historic building with over 17,000 square feet in downtown Flagstaff, Arizona:

The building is on the National Historic Registry and was originally used as a post office in 1937. The building can also be seen in the movie, Forrest Gump, when runs across the country and runs right down San Francisco Street. Right now it is currently being used as an office building. The historic brick building is located in the heart of Flagstaff at 114 N. San Francisco Street, across from the Monte Vista Hotel.

If you’d like to see a view of the inside, click here. Here are a number of views of the building, inside and out. Buy it and you’ll also score 12 private parking spots.

We didn’t go into this coffee shop which I think, from the reflection, that it’s across from the railroad station, Dan. It’s also got a bit more decoration than many other doors.

for Thursday Doors 3.18.21

for Six Word Saturday 3.6.21

Yellow doors have pizazz or, in the case of this first door, pizazz and pizza. Almost the same, but the “z’s” make all the difference. Mangia! Or, since this is in France: Mangons!

Ā© janet m. webb

These two door neighbors provide the perfect contrast and it’s easy to tell visitors which one is yours. I don’t envy the mail carrier who has to bend down every day to deliver mail through those slots, though!

While this Naperville door isn’t yellow or fancy, it’s certainly gets attention despite being set back. I’m not sure how you open the door, but maybe this guy opens it for you. šŸ™‚

This week I worked hard to combine Thursday Doors and Life in Colour: yellow. I hope you enjoyed the merger.

for Six Word Saturday l.9.21

We had the best Christmas possible under Covid, Zooming with family who would have been here and sharing time with family we haven’t spent Christmas with in years. Tonight we’ll be FaceTime-ing with friends from Illinois, then tomorrow is not only another day, but another year, something I know we’ve all been waiting for.

Our daughter had some time off and slipped out of California to visit us, although her husband had to stay home and work. So yesterday we drove to Queen Creek Olive Mill for some coffee and mother-daughter time before she headed back to the west coast.

The outdoor area is in an olive grove shaded by olive trees and where there are several Christmas tree-shaped trees guarded by two lions. The trees are decorated for Christmas, the lion thankfully not. But this lion doesn’t look too happy, probably because…

…with post-dawn temperatures in the upper 30’s it’s not exactly the African savanna and it’s a bit chilly sitting outside even with a hot mocha. These gas fires are very cheerful and look nice and warm, but we found that they really aren’t, so we sat on the covered patio which had standing heaters as well as heaters above us. It was so toasty we were able to take of our jackets and just enjoy our drinks. It was lovely.

Yes, the trees have olives, but don’t eat one off the tree. Until they’re cured and fermented, they’re very bitter as my husband discovered in Provence years ago when his sister gave him an olive right off the tree. Siblings!

Since meals and snacks are served here, there are crumbs and where there are crumbs, there are those who try to help clean them up, whether or not they’re being paid.

Relaxing in the sunshine (with additional heat as needed), enjoying time with my daughter while sipping a mocha topped with whipped cream, surrounded by cute little birds and stone lions, admiring the bougainvillea…life is good. Let’s pray that 2021 will be the same.


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