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In the second room, there were a number of sculptures which would be more approachable to have in your home (unless you have a mansion), but that were also lovely. Here are three of them. The mark on the wall behind the first piece amused me, making it seem that steam…or perhaps a genie…was emerging from the top.

I love the shadows created by this one as well as the piece itself.

“Feathers fall; soft as a song, light as morning dreams.”
― Eirene Evripidou

We think of feathers as soft and lovely but during WWI in England, women gave white feathers to men not in uniform in an attempt to shame them into enlisting, using white feathers to signify cowardice. Other less negative meanings have included peace, pacifism, and courage. To me, this feather was a small, beautiful sighting as I went for a walk, another chance to be amazed at the way errant feathers cling to plants.

Six Word Saturday 11.20.21

Life in Colour: black/grey

This male Muscovy duck has both black and touches of grey.

Life in Colour: black/grey

Big city gold: Chicago

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Downtown Chicago sports gold in these revolving doors. Don’t you love revolving doors? I remember going round and round in them as a child. One of the best bits of revolving door humor come during “The Return of the Pink Panther.” Do click here to enjoy it. It’s worth a few minutes of your time. I think I’ll also enter it for Thursday Doors, although I may have two links as I forgot Dan’s Labor Day break and posted last week as well. Here’s the link for the Wyoming doors from last week.

After most of our errands, our minds turned to lunch at Smith Alley Brewing Company where we’d had good beer and food a few years ago. We were happy to see they’d survived Covid. As we sat outside, I was excited to see the vertical growing platforms used to divide the eating area from the walkway of the alley with a variety of fruit, vegetables, and flowers growing on the five what? Trellises? Re-reading the information below, I see they’re called walls.

In the water at the bottom of each wall are fish. Our server informed us that the fertilizer provided by the fish is then taken by the water to each part of the wall. No fishing, of course, and any fish served here do NOT come from these!

I don’t want to forget to mention that Smith Alley has great beer (I had Black Pegasus, robust with heavy notes of coffee and chocolate.) What’s not to like?? The fries were hand cut, the French dip delicious. My husband once again had a peculiarly Wyoming dish: chili with a cinnamon roll meant to be dipped or put into the chili. We were told last time that this was served in school cafeterias. My husband loved it, although I personally would never do that to a cinnamon roll. It was the perfect way and place to relax and rejuvenate before finishing our errands and heading back up the mountain. The next day we’d be closing up the cabin for another year.

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I wasn’t the only one at the park on Friday. This guy was having a great time. I have been too, meeting with two more friends today. How’s your week been so far? It’s hard to beat being busy with friends.

Ornamental pink

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At the Naperville farmer’s market, there were a number of these ornamental kale out in early spring, just in time to catch some snow. They were rather spectacularly bright as well. We had a few of these in our garden in Ohio as well. They add a lot of welcome color.

for Squares: bright and Life in Colour: pink

Day 1 of being away and relaxing. Ahhh. I’ll get back to everyone who comments and wish you a most happy Friday.

Let’s fly back to Flagstaff again this week where perhaps we can escape our week of temperatures in the 90’s (Fahrenheit, of course.) Besides the doors we’ve already seen in previous posts, this mural hides a few more, two in fact. Let’s look a little closer.

It’s easy to get distracted by the mural, sort of like not seeing the forest for the trees.

But what an amazing forest! Very appropriate for the side of a theater/theater, don’t you think?

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