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After our visit it Tony Packo’s in Toledo, Ohio, I took a quick shot of this bit of street art from the car while we were stopped at a light.  (I was the passenger.)  And yes, I like Abba.

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Age gracefully.

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Sorry if I didn’t get to your blog yesterday.  Lots going on in these last days before I leave, including a big mulching job, errands, picking up (but not filling out yet) job applications for fall, etc., etc.  Life just gets in the way sometimes.  🙂

This will be my last Thursday Doors entry for a few weeks, as I’ll be leaving for another visit to France on Memorial Day (and yes, I’ll be taking photos.)  So I’m pulling out all the stops, featuring lots of red doors.  Only a few blocks from PAFA, Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, where our daughter attended school and where she now works, is North Mole Street, a one-block alley of historic row houses.

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, Philadelphia is not only known for its row houses, but for its alleys, usually one block in length, pedestrian only, filled with “Trinity” houses, supposedly named for their three rooms, one to each floor – as in Father, Son and Holy Ghost. (Click on the link to read more about the alleys.)  These alleys have been mostly renovated and are home to many young, well-to-do residents.

Thursdays Doors is the brain child of our Montreal connection, Norm and his middle-aged mind.  We’re so glad he came up with it!  Thanks, Norm.  You’ve opened doors all over the world through this challenge.

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The aroma of freshly-made granola perfumes the air in our house this morning, while outside, the flowers I finally planted have been drinking deeply of the rain. I’m ready for a bit of sunshine, but there isn’t much I can do. Tea and a good book are in my plans for the afternoon, at least the part where I’m not working at something.

Today’s Photo Challenge theme is “Evanescent.”  Butterflies are, by nature, evanescent, flitting from flower to flower.  To see one at rest is truly an evanescent moment.

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Spring Sunshine

I position my chair in the sunlight streaming through the front window,
the rest of the house behind me
chill in its winter-to-spring transition.

The heat soaks into my grey fleece top
gradually seeping its welcome way through my skin,
into my bones and the center of my body.

Bushes bow slightly before the wind,
waiting to shed their winter bareness for the new growth of spring,
each bare, brown sword-branch tipped with green.

On the porch, a chipmunk overlooks the buttery daffodils and fragile narcissus
ever so slowly raising their rain-battered heads
from soaked obeisance into erect beauty.

Two goldfinches swoop down, perching in the largest bush,
tiny bird-lanterns heralding the start of another Saturday
as a cloud ship moves regally through the sky ocean.


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The fourth Monday means I get to chose the category for Sally D’s Mobile Photography Challenge.  Today I chose “Animals” and, unusually for me, I’m featuring a cat.  This beauty belongs to our younger daughter who rescued her from the streets of Philadelphia.  She reclines in queenly fashion in the new cat bed we got for her.  I’m not sure how much she uses it, as she like to sleep with our daughter, but in Goldilocks fashion, it’s just the right size for any time she deigns to use it.

“Cats are connoisseurs of comfort.”
~James Herriot, James Herriot’s Cat Stories

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