This is what I’m waiting for!  We’ve had frost and no real snow yet.  But just Thursday morning, I was surprised and thrilled to open the garage door to a dusting of snow, enough to whet my taste for more.  After all, if it’s going to be in the teens before wind chill, there might as well be some beautiful snow!

These shots are from just over a year ago and even if you’re somewhere warm (or especially if you’re somewhere warm), you can sit back and enjoy the snow without any of the cold or shoveling.  So grab that cup of tea or coffee and just relax and enjoy the weekend.  But I’ve got to work both days, so I’m off.  ‘Bye for now.


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Downtown Louisville has more than just doors featuring artists creations.  Even though we were there for the Ironman, I found time to point my phone at some of them.  🙂  I had to do some catching up to everyone else at times, but it was worth it.

I found tall, elegant doors topped with a fascinating reflection,

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I love finding the small beauties in the world and then photographing them. It’s too easy to see the big picture yet miss the individual pieces that make up that picture.  The park is full of these gems, in this case, gems made of ice.  However, I, unlike Stevie, don’t keep my visions to myself.  I share them with you!

Now here I go again, I see the crystal visions
Dreams, Stevie Nicks

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I am grateful for the silence of winter mornings, for the beauty and wonder of the glint of sunlight in frost melting to dew, for the early-riser’s peaceful solitude that sets a mood of thankfulness, hope, and calm for the dawning day.
~Terri Guillemets

Last week I finally got back to the park which, by itself, is a wonderful thing. But the second morning, Nikon in hand and phone in fanny pack, I found myself in a world edged with frost. I staggered from place to place, drunk on beauty, stopping constantly, crouching down, switching cameras, sometimes sitting on the path to get a closer shot…unless I was using my Nikon, in which case, because I had my telephoto, I had to take close-ups from about six feet away. The sun created sparkling, multi-colored diamonds in the grass and my heart was full.

But frost, like the crystallized dreams of autumn, began to coat the clearing with its sugar glaze.”
― Victoria Steele Logue, Redemption

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I’d never heard of this poem before.  But I came across it while searching for quotes about frost and fell in love with it.

Dream of the Tundra Swan

Dusk fell
and the cold came creeping,
came prickling into our hearts.
As we tucked beaks
into feathers and settled for sleep,
our wings knew.

That night, we dreamed the journey:
ice-blue sky and the yodel of flight,
the sun’s pale wafer,
the crisp drink of clouds.
We dreamed ourselves so far aloft
that the earth curved beneath us
and nothing sang but
a whistling vee of light.

When we woke, we were covered with snow.
We rose in a billow of white.”
― Joyce Sidman, Winter Bees & Other Poems of the Cold

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