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Long day (yesterday) but the most downtime for a long time while someone else works. 😁

Great moving crew

Van finally loaded and we’re off to overnight with friends.

Lovely dinner and friend time!

Cleaning up tomorrow and and heading for Arizona.


The adventure begins.

P. S. Anyone else getting forever-dry, cracked hands from all the hand-washing??


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…it’s moving day and I need some bright beauty! 🤪😊

For many weeks, I’ve been doing a morning walk with Jo, but she’s taking a break and we’re getting ready to move, so we’re not having an official walk. Our city has a shelter-in-place order, but we’re still allowed to walk outside, but I don’t have time right now AND we’re getting the last snow we’re likely to see for a long time, considering we’re moving from the Midwest to Arizona. 🙂

But a few days ago I was at church, delivering some donations and I spotted these harbingers of spring. In our yard, the daffodils and tulips are up, but not flowering yet, so I especially rejoiced in these. I was hoping to get one last walk in the park, but it’s not to be. So enjoy these!!!

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For One Word Sunday: communication

For Six Word Saturday

While there’s no frost today (probably more rain), I thought I should enjoy some photos of it, as omce in Arizona, we won’t want to see it! I love it! Though! So here are a few from earlier in the year.

As you can no doubt tell from the title, these three doors come from France, at a former monastery now artists’ colony. Of course at Thursday Doors, we consider the doors art as well.

In this time of social distancing/isolation/quarantining , the internet provides us with the opportunity of social interaction without fear of sickness. Today even more than ever, this is a true blessing.

I’ve also seen children out playing in their yards, shooting baskets in the drive way, or walking with their parents. I’ve seen couples walking hand in hand. I’ve not seen phones. This too is a small series of blessings in a time when we would do well to remember the good.

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