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There have been many tragedies in the last few weeks, some brought about by weather, others by humans, in all part of the world.  Naturally, there’s much discussion.  That’s natural. What bothers me is the tenor of the discussion, whether in the media or on social media.  Aristotle had something to say many years ago that I think applies to all too many discussions these days.

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In my last post about the Badlands, this plant appeared in one shot.  I thought it was worth a closer look, so here it is: Wooly Verbena/Vervain.  These 1-4 foot tall wildflowers attract many species of bees and butterflies to the Badlands.  Plains Indians used this plant in their teas to calm stomach problems. The color especially pops in a landscape of tans and browns.

Even in a stately part of Philadelphia there’s room for a bit of whimsy. Yet, in keeping with the row houses around it, the details provide just enough counterpoint to even things out.

Our weekly doorman for Thursday Doors is Norman the Doorman, although not the “Norman the Doorman” of my childhood book. Our Norman certainly isn’t a mouse and he lives in Montreal.  But both Normans are cute and personable, so stop by the first for a visit (and links to all the doors) and check out the second at the library (or a summary by clicking the link.)

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Either sniffing the air or feeling we’re not good enough to be there

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Welcome to another Wednesday, the first one of October, if you can believe it (and even if you can’t.)  If I could find a time machine, I’d slow time down a bit, but all my local sources seem to be sold out.

Today’ Photo Challenge theme is “Pedestrian”, which gives several possibilities for interpretation.  My laptop is moving at less than the speed of a pedestrian of the human kind, unfortunately, but I can’t send you a photo of it happening, so I’ll have to look elsewhere for inspiration.

I spend much time as a pedestrian of the walking kind and there are many shots you can’t get unless you’re taking your time.  Walking around Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles at night allowed me to take this anything but pedestrian photo of the city.

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After waking to the news of the shootings in Las Vegas yesterday, listening to coverage to find out what actually happened, and then being disgusted by the immediate advent of the blame game, I thought I’d go with something light and fun today, something I concocted on Pixlr.  I hope it brings a smile to your face and a bit of joy to your heart.

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The first leaf fell today,
	lacking even grace of color,
to lie quiescent on the sidewalk
	‘til wind-blown travel claimed it.
Soon millions more will throw themselves
	to willing death,
flaming brightly before reduced to
	crackling beneath feet in futile protest.

Days grow shorter, nights stretch longer,
	nights where passion once flamed brightly,
now passing also into death,
	unwilling on my part,
	kamikaze-like on yours.

The fire that now burns
	devours all the love
	and leaves not even embers
	that soft breath could coax back to life.

Autumn's harbingers
Lie dying before my eyes
Love once green now dead